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My friend just emailed me a link to PETA's website containing an article about the cruelty that occurs at Zoo Negara in Malaysia.

I'm traveling to Malaysia at the end of the year and of course I had planned to check out all of the tourist hotspots including this zoo. After reading this article I have definitely rethought my holiday plans.

Elephants are such beautiful creatures and should NOT be chained up, which deprives them of being free to roam and socialize.

If you visit this Zoo, you are supporting cruelty towards animals. Please join me in Boycotting the Negara Zoo, as all creatures deserve a natural life, free of cruelty

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    Posted by shearwater at 11/05/09 21:08:37

    In zoos naturally wild animals are sad stereotypes of their true selves. They are denied their natural behaviors and socialization and are unable to forage or roam freely. This is not education or conservation. It only teaches children the capacity for human cruelty.

    Although some larger zoos do some conservation work zoos are primarily businesses. They mostly breed animals for a life behind bars, not to be released into the wild. "Cute" babies attract the paying public. After these animals outgrow their profitable cute phase they may be sold to roadside zoos, canned hunts, or circuses.

    That some zoos provide their animals slightly larger more natural appearing habitats, behavioral psychologists, and enriching activities doesn't change the fact that it's still a prison, it's still abuse, and it's still wrong. Don't just boycott the Zoo Negara. Boycott all zoos.

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    Posted by Jeffrey at 11/06/09 14:33:31

    I agree with you guys. I have a personal boycott on zoos and have extended it to Aquariums as well. There are many aquariums that have creatures confined to small pools that belong in the ocean. There are also the ones that have captive dolphins and whale sharks. If you don't know where these dolphins come from, make sure you watch this video: and educate yourself.

    There are plenty of opportunities to side wild animals in Malaysia and all over the world. I've seen so many animals around the world in national parks and other wild places - brown bears, black bears, pumas, all kinds of monkeys, cobras, crocodiles, etc. Give the zoos and aquariums a miss and head to a national park, an animal sanctuary, or the nearest patch of woods.

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