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I saw this app advertised on HappyCow and thought it would be handy for an upcoming trip. It was only 99 cents but I'm disappointed that it is not very complete. Essentially it gives you 9 phrases in 33 languages to show to a waitstaff person about your food preferences. My complaint is that some of the phrases attempt to tell the server that you do not want 'milk by-products' and I suspect that many servers might not think of cheese or yogurt when they hear "milk". So many dishes I see have cheese in them.
Yes, it isn't a lot of money and it's a good idea to have an app like this, but I can't see why more phrases can't be included and why more detailed phrases can't be provided. Hopefully an update will include some more comprehensive additions!

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    Posted by webmaster at 01/17/12 19:57:46

    Hi Jim,

    You ought to contact the developers and share your feedback with them. Interestingly I just heard about a free download for travel cards that you can print out and bring with you:

    Cheers, -Eric

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    Posted by JimMSP at 01/21/12 06:53:49

    That website is great Eric -- thanks for the tip. Those travel cards are perfect. I did send a note earlier to the app developers but haven't heard back.

    Best regards

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    Posted by Yoshi at 01/22/12 02:59:32

    Eric, the travel cards are really cool. Lots of fun to scroll through and read the different translations. My favorite is the German translation, 'Ich Bin Vegan'...especially if you say it in a President Kennedy voice.

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