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Hello! I have just registered on the Happy Cow, but for a long time I've been referring to the site when travelling.

Have any of you been to Tunisia? We are maybe going there. My family is lifestyle ovo-lacto vegetarian, and we sometimes eat fish, so I would like to know if the Tunisian restaurant dishes are vegetarian-friendly, as they are in many mediterranean countries?

Or, if you have been there, do you have any absolute cuisine favorites there to share?

Jaakko Karrot

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    Posted by webmaster at 06/08/08 13:37:17

    Hell Jaakko,... Terve :-)
    I've never made it to Tunisia, sorry.
    But I hope you'll let us know about their cuisine once you go, and also submit any places you find which have veg food:

    btw- I used to live in Finland (1.5 years total), and coming from there I don't think Tunisia will be that difficult. You will likely have a much larger selection of fruits & veggies, so if you have your own kitchen, you might consider shopping at the markets.

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    Posted by westcornersville at 06/09/08 13:13:20

    I've been to Tunisia for one day--so I'm not the best expert...but...

    Tunisian food is similar to Moroccan food. Couscous is the main staple, which is vegetarian by itself (usually--unless there's meat broth mixed in). However, it's usually served with meat--often lamb. Like in Morocco, you can order couscous with vegetables at a number of restaurants, though that might get old after a few days. You're probably less likely to find a place that will make a vegetarian tajine (if so, make sure it's really vegetarian and not just "with vegetables included"). With Tunisia having a Mediterranean climate, there are of course a lot of fresh fruits available--and very good olives. As a whole, Tunisia appears to be somewhat less vegetarian-friendly than other Mediterranean countries as well as compared with other Arab nations (dishes like hummus and falafel are not very common in Tunisia).

    North Africa, including Tunisia, has a lot of Italian restaurants, which usually offer vegetarian options (even more so if you're lacto-ovo).

    Have fun on your trip!

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