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I am going to Venice this week and there's hardly anything listed on Happy Cow. Any suggestions for restaurants welcome,


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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 06/17/07 20:57:28

    You may find a macrobiotic place in this derectory -

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    Posted by webmaster at 06/18/07 11:47:00

    Hello Louis, Please let us know if you find any vegetarian-friendly eats in Venice, Italy. We'll add it to HappyCow then! Safe travels.

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    Posted by louis at 06/18/07 13:57:02

    Hi Eric

    will do. Two places called 'Gam Gam' and 'Zucca' look promising, hope to check them out


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    Posted by louis at 06/18/07 14:04:21

    Just looked up La Zucca, apparently is was Venice's first vegetarian restaurant but over the years has added meat to the menu

    some vegetarian options and side plates made from vegetables

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    Posted by webmaster at 06/18/07 22:33:37

    Hi Louis. La Zucca used to be listed on the HappyCow site but has been removed because a visitor told us that the restaurant served many meat dishes. That was many months ago. So if you happen to visit La Zucca restaurant in Venice, please give us a report, and maybe we can add it again if it offers decent vegetarian options. Okay? Thanks!

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    Posted by louis at 08/19/07 15:12:13

    Ate at La Zucca, the restaurant does still serve many meat dishes but the (vegan) waiter was able to suggest a vegan meal of the vegetable side dishes, served with rice and sesame. Also a 'mousse' made from pureed Eggplant, with herbs. All very good. Worth bearing in mind, given the shortage of vegan options in Venice. Also at La Serenissima health food store you can get items to put together a lunch (see my review).
    On a more general note it's worth bearing in mind that it is difficult to know whether cheese served in restaurants is vegetarian; I holidayed with a vegetarian who found that requests as to whether cheese is vegetarian were met with blank looks.

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    Posted by juliej at 11/14/07 09:37:01

    I have been to Venice and it is a beautiful & romantic city, well worth going. We found ourselves walking around for ages to try and find somewhere but as it is a fishing city it was mostly seafood unfortunatly. We got so hungary we just had to settle with the vegetarian options that were there (not many)

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    Posted by Veggiemama69 at 01/12/08 20:19:01

    We spent 3 weeks in Venice last summer and I must say the options for vegans are very slim! I added Gam Gam and Il Doge Gelateria and I think La Zucca should be relisted. It was the only restaurant posted that knew the term "vegan" and they were more than willing to prepare a special plate for vegans. There isn't one vegetarian restaurant in all of Venice so we must take what we can get, where we can get it!
    We're most likely returning again next summer and I will hunt out more vegan options for everyone!

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