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Community: Forum: Travel

Vegan Travel Suggestions Discussion Forum

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I'm going Kaliningrad, Russia this summer, as a I do every year. However, because I decided to go vegan a few weeks back, I'm not panicking about what I'll be able to eat in Russia this year.

I had a hard time as it is trying to politely decline meat the previous years, how am I meant to turn away dairy products and find vegan substitutes without insulting my grandparents who love to cook for me and for me to actually enjoy what I eat?

Also, do Russian supermarkets even sell vegan substitutes such as soy milk etc? I've never looked but I'm sure if they do then it's pretty expensive.

It would be nice to not have to maintain a raw vegan diet for 6 weeks as I love sweet foods filled with carbs etc

Would love some advice on this!

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