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I am wondering if anybody has travelled through Central or South America as a vegan. I spent years there, but that was before I was a vegan. I am wanting to go back again, but as I remember, it didn't seem like such a veggie-friendly place, especially the more off-the-beaten-track places. Any good tips? I'm guessing Costa Rica is the easiest.

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    Posted by Nikheil at 02/13/08 12:14:04

    I've travelled through Costa Rica, Panama and Peru. I found it very easy to eat vegan - in the cities there are always 2 or 3 vegan options - they were even listed in my guidebook. In the "middle of nowhere" places, it's also easy to eat vegan, the menu can just get a little boring - you will eat a lot of rice and beans which you can pick up any small local restaurant. If you don't see anything, just ask the owner if they can give you some rice with beans or whatever veggies they have on hand - if you're flexible you'll find something.

    Another thing that makes life easier is if you stay in the smaller places that have a kitchen for guest use. That's what I did. Vegies, fruit, rice, noodles and cans of beans are really cheap and available everywhere - there's often a lovely farmers market nearby too. Just remember to: Wash it, peel it or vomit! Also: avoid lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber, as you can catch parasites from these.

    Important Stuff to Pack:
    Oil of Oregano (good for bacteria and viruses) and Grapefruit Seed Extract (funguses and parasites)
    A good multi-vit with iron
    Acipdopholus (lactose free, non refridgerated kind)
    As many protein bars/fruit and veg bars as you can fit in your bag - you won't find these outside of the capital cities, and they help you get important nutrients. I love Luna bars personally.

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