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Hi I'm located in Melbourne, Australia and am going away next year for a second honeymoon. We need to go somewhere inexpensive so we're looking at going to a pacific island. I'm a bit nervous about being vegan and gluten free, where abouts would you recommend we go so that I can get food? I don't want food to be the deciding factor, we want to go somewhere fun! but it would suck to starve. Recommendations?

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    Posted by vegancastro at 07/23/14 09:40:39

    Thailand - they have lots of vegan options. Just watch out for the osyter/fish based stir fry!

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    Posted by AndyT at 07/31/14 06:10:35

    Malaysia has many options to eat vegan (and I guess also gluten free) food.

    But man, I have just been to Melbourne, terrific there (from the vegan point of view), so do not expect too much when going somewhere else...

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    Posted by AllyG at 08/02/14 20:24:27

    Vanuatu - great food, there's a good market in port Vila with fresh produce and some supermarkets - Bon Marche. We took - crackers, dried nuts etc with us. Both the resorts we stayed at had vegan breakfast and dinner options. The cuisine is French pacific so if you stick to more pacific than French you will be fine. Soy, rice and almond milk was readily available every where, but you pay duty if you byo into Vanuatu.

    Fiji - again the resort well catered for me a gluten free vegan. Lots of salads, fruit, veges. Buying from local shops is expensive - take your own snack foods. The food eating out is more expensive than Australia and New Zealand - $35-40-50 for mains. We stayed at Denerau island, and ate at the wharf which was cheaper than the resort.

    Email head to the resorts or in Fiji and Rarotonga, rent a house or condo or apartment and self cater. But 2nd honeymoon, have a treat and stay in a resort.

    I wasn't accidentally fed meat, eggs or dairy at either places.

    I can also recommend Singapore and kuala lumpar. Both were easy to be vegan. Lots and lots of vegetarian restaurants in both places. The buffet breakfasts were great too - labelled if they contained eggs, dairy and gluten :-) KL is a good bang for your buck. $160 p/n at the westin in the central city! Or try Penang or langkawi as well as KL.

    Enjoy your holiday :-)

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