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I am visiting the Charlotte, NC area at the end of the month and will be meeting family members that are non-vegan. They prefer "a place that serves salads, regular American fare, and fish." Any thoughts or ideas that would accommodate them as well as me (vegan)? Thank you!

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 03/23/14 16:03:24

    Bean Vegan Cuisine-

    Luna's Living Kitchen-

    ZiZi's Take Out-

    Your lucky to have 3 wonderful vegan restaurants in your city. Tell them you're only going to 100% vegan restaurants because you don't want to support murder (meat), rape (dairy products), hen periods (eggs) or vomit (honey). They can eat anything at any of those restaurants and it might help them go vegan. If you end up not eating out with them it is there loss. They clearly want you to just get a salad so, they can feel good about making bad choices. You need to show them that there is plenty of vegan food and don't let them force you to go to "a place that serves salads, "regular American fare", and fish."

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    Posted by DIN8 at 03/24/14 03:50:10

    As much as I understand that this was not the answer you were looking for, I agree with savetheanimals. You definately should try to get them to eat at Bean Vegan Cuisine. It is totally "American fare" and the vegan burgers are really worth it. :)
    I loved Luna's Living Kitchen, too, but I am afraid that meat lovers won't appreciate the raw food idea very much.

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