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Has anyone had vegan food in Disneyland Paris?
I am going in March and contacted their customer services department who sent back a brochure of specially prepared meals all containing meat!!
I've been to Disneyworld and had no problems and found the catering staff very helpful and was hoping Paris would be the same!

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    Posted by halfpintpixie at 03/19/09 05:52:22

    Yup, I've seen that brochure, very helpful (not!)

    Hope you had some luck finding vegan food there! We are going in April and I have started researching vegan options but I'm not holding my breath! Apparently all the restaurants have a vegetarian item, and the Agrabah cafe has hummus and more Middle Eastern fare which sounds promising but changes daily so I imagine it won't be dependable for preplanning. Salads and cheeseless pizza should be reasonably easy to track down (I hope!)

    We're Eurostarring over so I'll be bringing a lot of snack items myself to make life easier.

    If you get a chance can you report back after your trip with any yummy meals you found, thanks! :)

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    Posted by kikisparkles at 09/12/10 05:17:26

    I have just come back from Disneyland Paris and made a blog post all about vegan food there including what there is and where, and the level of choice, quality and cost:

    I couldn't find much info before I left so hope this can help people!

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