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Just wondering if anyone can recommend anywhere? Doesn't have to be 100% vegan, as long as there are some decent vegan options I'd be happy. I shall be in Amsterdam in June and (hopefully) Cape Town (South Africa) in late July.

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    Posted by Chia at 05/11/07 13:14:44

    Hey Caryne. What splendid trips you will make! Definitely check out HappyCow's list for Amsterdam and Cape Town, both are quite up-to-date and comprehensive. Best wishes. AMSTERDAM LINK: . SOUTH AFRICA LINK:

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    Posted by Caryne at 05/12/07 01:23:19

    Yes, I have checked these out but havn't, in the past, always found them very helpful. Last year I went to Madrid and attempted to visit some of the places listed here. Some were closed whilst others either didn't cater for vegans at all (one didn't even know what vegan was) or they just had one dish.

    What I am looking for is some very 'up to date' reviews from people who have actually eaten well in establishments.

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    Posted by webmaster at 05/13/07 09:42:02

    Hi Caryne,

    If you ever find out about a place that's listed on HappyCow being closed we hope you'll let us know. We do our best to keep everything updated, but we rely on users like you.
    If you find any inaccuracies or new listings for Amsterdam or Cape Town please notify us.
    Thanks, Eric- Webmaster

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    Posted by Jera at 05/16/07 15:46:17

    I'm not in A-dam but you could check out Dinner Site NL for a list of restaurants:

    Under the cuisine section choose vegetarian. You'll find about 36 listings and some have reviews (albeit in Dutch - but Babelfish might help you translate).

    Maoz falafel is always as safe bet if you're looking for something quick and tasty. Enjoy your visit!

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    Posted by Jera at 05/16/07 15:47:57

    Oops, you are vegan. I misread that part. Sorry about that.

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    Posted by Stevie at 05/31/07 07:21:11


    If you go to Amsterdam any time I have eaten in Bolhoed they have always been able to feed me as a vegan veggie. Also there are loads of Maoz's around Amsterdam; almost everything they offer is vegan.

    Keep well,

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    Posted by Jera at 06/08/07 04:50:53

    Been hesitating whether or not to recommend Vliegende Schotel in Amsterdam. I personally didn't care for the place but they will cater to vegans. When we were there, admittedly a couple years ago, the service was very slow and I do mean very! So I wouldn't recommend going there when time is an issue.

    They were also out of quite a few things on the menu despite the fact that we were early customers. The quality of our meal when it arrived was just so-so. However, I've read other people saying they love the place so it's also possible we hit it on a bad day. You could always check it out for yourself.

    They did have a cute cat!

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    Posted by Caryne at 07/09/07 01:18:50

    Thanks everyone. Amsterdam was great, only ever visited Bolhoed. Went there on the first day and the food, especially the amazing vegan cakes/desserts, was so good I never got around to going anywhere else!!

    Still off to South Africa in a couple of weeks, so looking for more recommendations for there. The Johennesburg Tourist website lists a veggie restaurant called 'Krisp' but it's not listed here, does anyone know anything about it?

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