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Does anyone know of a list of Veg Fests around the world?

If not, can we start one here? If you could list the name of the festival, the location, the month it typically takes place in, and a website if you have it, we can create a master list.

It would be fun to visit places and see different veg fests around the world.

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    Posted by iwanderafar at 07/30/15 07:40:25

    Here, I'll start:
    Canada, VAncouver, Veg Fest Vancouver, www.vegfestvancouver.com
    USA, CO, Golden, Colorado Veg Fest, July, vegfestcolorado.org/
    USA, CA, San Francisco, World Veg Festival, October, www.worldvegfestival.com/
    USA, FL, Orlando, Central Florida Veg Fest, October, www.cfvegfest.org
    USA, FL, Tampa, Tampa Bay Veg Fest, November, www.tampabayvegfest.org/
    USA, IL, Chicago, Veggie Fest, August, veggiefestchicago.com
    USA, IL, Chicago, Chicago Veganmania, October, chicagoveganmania.com/
    USA, LA, New Orleans,NOLA Veggie Fest, May, nolaveggiefest.com/
    USA, NY, New York City, NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, March, nycvegfoodfest.com/
    USA, TX, Austin, Texas Vegfest, April www.texasvegfest.com/
    USA, WA, Seattle, Vegfest, April, www.vegofwa.org/vegfest/

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    Posted by eric at 07/30/15 09:42:50

    Hi iwanderafar,

    HappyCow has a calendar of events, here:

    Please add anything that's missing.

    Thanks, Eric

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    Posted by bossman at 08/02/15 17:46:38

    USA, TX, Dallas: Texas Veggie Fair www.TexasVeggieFair.com

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    Posted by iwanderafar at 08/03/15 05:24:54

    Thanks bossman!

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    Posted by SimoneS at 11/20/15 07:45:43

    Thebiggest european vegan festival is in Berlin in summer:


    It is in the city center of Berlin and free entrance. I went there this year on a vegan city tour, and I liked this festival, because its inviting everybody who crosses by.

    I also went to the VegFest in London: london.vegfest.co.uk/ last october.

    If you come to Europe, you should check out some of the festivals, there are several :)

    And wow, that event calender is great! Why I am discovering it so late? :D

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    Posted by iwanderafar at 11/23/15 07:46:18

    Thank you SimoneS. I've been meaning to visit Berlin. It sounds wonderful.

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    Posted by iwanderafar at 10/28/16 21:17:01

    So now we can add VeggieWorld events in Europe like Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, etc.. Check out their website for dates and locations. Also, check out Ken Specter's video from the VeggieWorld Paris 2016:

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    Posted by eric at 10/28/16 21:29:52

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    Posted by flower19 at 11/02/16 12:18:33

    Thanks for this amazing information!

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