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Whats the most Vegan friendly tropical vacation spot to visit? I wanna be near the beach but don't wanna get stuck eating chips and salsa or sides. also any hotels/resorts that are vegan friendly?

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    Posted by Tranaya at 08/02/13 15:21:15

    If you're interested in semi-tropical and the beach being on a lake, I have the perfect spot: Guatemala's only vegan destination on beautiful Lake Atitlan.

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    Lake Villa Guatemala

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    Posted by lotustummy at 12/03/13 11:11:46

    India and Sri Lanka :)veg and vegan food for days!!!!

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    Posted by Medha Sahasrabudhe at 01/07/14 03:03:21

    hi, you can visit India, Maharashtrian food is best vegetarian food

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    Posted by madjoy at 01/07/14 12:54:24

    Have you checked out Happycow's own page ? I found "Maravilla Mountain" in Puerto Rico there and my husband and I are going there for our honeymoon next week! There are also plenty of other exciting sounding places, like in Costa Rica & Mexico!

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    Posted by TheveggieChef at 01/07/14 15:58:53

    I found India's good for vegetarians but no so good for vegans, I find that they use butter/yoghurt/milk for almost everything (even in the naan breads) and generally don't really understand the concept of vegan (so you never know what to trust other than the pakoras and all things they deep fry!!). In the south it might be better though because they use more coconut milk...? On Kho Pha ngan, Thailand, they have a couple of vegan places and one vegan resort I know of. It is a very nice island. I have found generally south-east Asia VERY difficult as they use fish sauce in almost everything (as well as other unsavory sounding sauces full of MSG, etc.) and they don't understand that it is not vegetarian, no matter how much you try to tell them!!

    It's not 'tropical' as such but if you ever want to visit France check out our very reasonably priced vegan/vegetarian vacation retreat Le Jardin de Cabrerets

    Thanks and happy travelling...

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