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The Lodge on Grenada was one of the best vacations my husband and I have had in twenty year. Outstanding views, beautiful accomodations, and out of this world scruptious vegan dinners and breakfasts (and lunch on request) from Mary and Mark. Delightful hosts with dry British humor and a wonderful sense of the history and rich offerings of the region and their place.

We brought a couple with us who are decidely NOT vegetarians and they loved it too. Highly recommended for the food, the people, the gorgeous home, and the island experience.

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    Posted by feelgoodguru at 11/18/08 16:25:40

    yes! i was mary and mark's very first honored canadian guest shortly they opened for business in 04.

    my partner (who's not veg) and i couldn't have had a more fabulous time. the house is magnificent, the views are not to be believed and our hosts, mary and mark, are two of the most delightful people i've ever met in the hospitality business.

    i call the lodge in grenada "vegetarian heaven in the caribbean" and dream of returning very soon.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 11/18/08 17:39:42

    Find "The Lodge" here -

    Scroll down to - "Carribean".


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    Posted by gesimmons at 11/19/08 08:13:44

    My wife and I spent a heavenly week at The Lodge in Grenada earlier this year. We are vegans and found the hosts and the property exceeded our expectations in every way. We would still be there if we could afford to be. The food was delicious with a wide variety of offerings made from ingredients either grown on property or nearby. The hosts, Mark and Mary Hardy, are delightful, caring, and fascinating people with whom still correspond. The property and location were true paradise. We can't wait to go back.

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    Posted by ThatVegWoman at 11/22/08 11:59:07

    My husband and I stayed at the Lodge in Grenada for a week and our experience was nothing short of wonderful! Our flight was several hours late and we had no way to contact one of the owner's, Mark, who was picking us up at the airport. Mark had to hang around the airport for several hours waiting for us but when we finally got there he was nothing but kind and friendly. We arrived late at night due to our delay but when we got to the Lodge the other owner, Mary had thoughtfully prepared a snack for us after our long day of travel. This type of kindness and thoughtfulness was typical of our hosts at the Lodge throughout our stay. We found Mark and Mary to be exceptionally good hosts. Mark took us on a Jeep tour of the entire island, as well as transporting us to several lovely beaches and an amazing chocolate factory. On all of our day-long excursions, Mary packed us delicious picnic lunches. Meals were very tasty with much of the produce grown right there on the property. I have a wheat intolerance and all of our meals were completely wheat-free (not always an easy task). Mark and Mary were perceptive hosts who hit the perfect balance of giving us "space" to spend time alone while also being friendly and excellent conversationalists. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I would rate the Lodge 5 stars for location, eco-friendliness, accomodations (room, linens, bed comfort, cleanliness), food, and service. My only complaint would be that the pool is small, but it's chemical free so I think it was still better than we'd find at a hotel/resort. And it was SUPER to never have to worry "Is the food really vegan? What about the toiletries? Is my money being used in ways that I don't want to support?" !!! We still keep in touch with the proprietors, Mark and Mary, as right from the start we felt like they were friends rather than staff, I would gladly return every year if I had the means to do so. I have travelled throughout the Caribbean, as well as extensively in Europe, Canada, Mexico, and the US and I would highly recommend the Lodge as a destination to any discerning traveler!

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    Posted by angstgoose at 08/27/09 06:15:10

    Well after 23 years of veganism I can truely say I have now had a 'proper' holiday. For the first time ever I haven't had to constantly question the menu,opt for pizzas without cheese or simply make do with a bland salad.The quality of the food was outstanding coupled with the fact that a lot of the produce is grown in their garden.Fresh being the operative word.
    As well as the fine vegan cuisine; the setting of The Lodge itself and the fine hosts ,Mark and Mary, made this holiday the best my girlfriend I have ever had.The setting can only be described as paradise.Beautiful views all round,dining alfresco under a starry sky and set in a stunning property surrounded by their fabulous garden.Plus the Island of Grenada itself has all to offer from golden sandy beaches to laze on or to a stunning cloud forest to trek in,plus probably the friendliest locals I have ever encountered in my years of travel.
    Finally complimets to Mark and Mary who through their hard work and dedication have really got what must be the number one vegan holiday in the world.Seriously.Not a thing has been overlooked.Plus they themselves were a pleasure to be around.Enjoyed chatting with them in the evening after dinner and found them very knowlegable if a question arose.They really made us feel welcome and ensured our stay was a pleasurable one.
    Thanks again
    Angus and Natasha

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    Posted by ExpertDriver at 01/29/10 19:51:35

    I'm not Vegan, but I am veg. Mark and Mary give new meaning to Vegan - truly. Those items I normally keep in the diet at home were not missed in the least with this 5-star Vegan fair. And the lodge itself is right out of story book pages. Up on it's own hill above the town, with views a full 360 degrees - private (huge) balconies for the rooms, and an Olympic length lap pool that would have Michael Phelps drooling. A truly romantic jewel. And, for you "germ-a-phobes", nowhere have I EVER had a cleaner room, or better room servicing. Would be back in a heartbeat - and probably will...

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    Posted by Astrid_Maine at 03/10/10 09:21:12

    My husband and I went to Grenada for his birthday, and we stayed at The Lodge. We had no idea about Grenada, but we are vegans and found the Lodge as an option on the internet. We did not know what to expect other than veggie food on a Caribbean island. We found much more! Grenada is a wonderful island with friendly people and beautiful scenery, and to top it all, The Lodge is a perfect place to stay. Situated on a hill overlooking the pretty town of St George's, it is in a restored plantation building, with great landscaping (courtesy of the owners, Mark and Mary Hardy, who grow their own wonderful tropical fruit in their gardens). The building is very romantic given the setting and architecture, and comes with patios on different levels, a sizeable swimming pool, and fantastic natural ventilation in the rooms (from slats built above the window frames, that let the refreshing wind pass through). The hosts were very gracious and great company, and gave us truly wonderful food (all prepared by Mary): great breakfasts (that included fresh fruit, smoothies, etc), and lavish dinners (three course dinners of world veggie cuisine with a Caribbean flair). These were included in the price of the room, and if we stayed in the Lodge during the day, we could get a nice lunch for a reasonable fee. Mark picked us up at the airport (very late in the day as our flight was delayed), and dropped us off as well. He also showed us the town on an orientation tour the first day and arranged a great snorkelling trip and a 5 star tour of the island with a knowledgeable guide. We cannot find words to describe how wonderful this vacation really was, as this was the most relaxing holiday ever, and our hosts as well as the Lodge itself are to be thanked for that). We will definitely think of going back there when we need to be pampered... Loved it!

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    Posted by stainton at 03/18/10 11:44:20

    My wife and I recently stayed at The Lodge in Granada, West Indies and it was a truly enjoyable experience. The Lodge is neither a hotel nor a guest house but it provides the best of both. The accommodation is comfortable, spacious and private whilst the cuisine is different, exciting and tasteful. Mary and Mark make excellent hosts who are extremely co-operative and knowledgeable. They can be chatty and always friendly, yet recognise when the guests prefer their own company. The Lodge is a large house which is located high above the sea. It was built about one hundred years ago in the colonial style and as our hosts declared: they have three loves, the house, the island and each other – a sentiment which is entirely understandable.

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    Posted by AlbertoM at 08/15/10 11:16:03

    My wife and me, both vegans, spend a wonderful honeymoon at the Lodge in June 2010. The place is located in a great position, with wonderful views 360 degrees. Although not too close to the beach or the city centre, it turns out to be very easy to reach various beaches and the centre by public transport. The food provided by the Lodge (breakfast and dinner, and on request also lunch) was really delicious and varied every day. Most often products from the organic garden of the Lodge would be used. Mary and Mark, our hosts, are really nice and interesting people, they contributed to make our stay even more pleasant. We were also positively impressed by the Grenadians, who are nice people, and we never felt unsafe. We stayed seven nights at the Lodge, and although some days it was raining, we loved to relax in the hotel and recover from the hectic previous two weeks of organising our wedding.

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    Posted by jasminvegan at 12/22/10 14:01:31

    The Lodge was one of the most special vacations my partner and I took. I can't explain how gracious Mark and Mary Hardy were, and how much we felt at HOME there. The scenery is just gorgeous, like nothing I've ever seen, and the food is the best I've ever had. I love their holistic attitude about everything, and the compassion with which they so clearly live their lives. All of that HEART comes through loud and clear in their hospitality. And Grenada itself is just magnificent, breathtakingly beautiful, with clear beaches and very kind people everywhere. We also visited The Grenada Chocolate Company, a vegan chocolate company that's fair-trade. Some of the best chocolate I've ever had, and so cool to visit the source. Mark and Mary were accomodating the whole way, driving us where we needed to go or showing us the best way to get there (public transit is EASY in Grenada). The rooms were spacious and comfortable. I want to close my eyes and be back there. I haven't ever felt so moved as to write a review in the past, but I have to say, this was worth it. Go visit The Lodge. You will absolutely not regret it, and your life will have more meaning when you get home.

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    Posted by Katharine S at 04/03/11 15:46:38

    We stayed with Mark and Mary at the Lodge for 8 days in March. It was absolutely lovely! The Lodge itself is gorgeous -- beautiful grounds with amazing tropical plants (most of which were fruit trees we'd never even heard of before), a fantastic room (we stayed in the Dragon -- nightly views of the glorious Grenada sunsets), and plenty of places to catch the sun or read in the shade with picture-postcard-perfect views. Very relaxing, and our hosts were extremely gracious, kind, and funny. The food was fantastic: amazing breakfasts of fruit, smoothies, and pastry which we now miss and look back on fondly; delicous lunches when we requested them and dinners and deserts that we'll be thiking about and trying to recreate for months to come! I should also mention that I'm celiac, and our hosts were able to accomodate us with vegan gluten-free meals with no problems. Mary gave us a lovely tour of her beautiful and amazing garden, and Mark gave us wonderful tours of St. George and the island as a whole. During the tours, we got to see a plantation which grows cocoa and spices (we bought some amazing spices to take home), the award-winning Grenada chocolate company (we even got an insiders' tour of the factory because Mark and Mary know the owner -- and then we bought chocolate to eat and take back -- yum!), a fantastic, tourist-free beach where we got to swim and Mark gave us a picnic lunch, and a rum distillery (where we bought Grenada rum and rum punch). Mark and Mary were also incredibly helpful in recommending and setting us up with a marvellous guide who (with great kindness, patience, humour and professionalism -- neither of us are hikers) took us on a cloud-forest hike where we visited a crater lake and the Seven Sisters waterfall -- and we got to see mona monkeys, a real highlight! We highly recommend The Lodge as a wonderful retreat for vegans or veg travellers, and we definitely plan to go back.

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    Posted by turtleveg at 05/13/11 08:05:19

    I just heard that co-owner Mary Hardy passed away on May 6, 2011 and the Lodge is temporarily closed.

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    Posted by food lover at 05/23/11 14:02:54

    Our recent stay at the Lodge was everything we hoped for and more! The hospitality, food, conversations, dinner music, and general ambience was second to none.
    All our meals were super-yummy with special mention going to the smoothies, coconut ice-cream, soups and fruit salads. Everything was perfect - the room was spacious - sun loungers on the balcony & lap pool, sunshine & temperature were all great.
    The only minor downside was the 43 mosquito bites we each incurred (despite using insect repellant) - but they weren't itchy so really no trouble.
    We had a very restful vacation, and knowing all our meals would be vegan & exquisite was the best part. In fact, the food at the Lodge was so great, we had all 3 meals every day at the Lodge for our entire week long stay!
    One of the best vacations ever :) We look forward to returning when it re-opens again...

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    Posted by Marlene2012 at 04/22/12 10:25:30

    the lodge grenada, 24.3.2012-4.4.2012
    i did enjoy the tropical garden,the view, the swimming-pool, excellent breakfast and the best salads i ever had.

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    Posted by MEG1282 at 02/03/13 09:39:50

    We had an amazing stay at the Lodge in January 2013. Some highlights include: The orientation tour that Mark provided was extremely valuable. He showed us where to find the best beaches and how to get around on local transportation. The view from our room and private balcony, overlooking St. George, was incredible. Each morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast with an unbelievable variety of fresh fruit. Dinner each evening was spectacular with a wide variety of wonderful dishes that were all beautifully presented. The relaxing music each night added a nice touch to the dining experience. We added on a few lunches to our stay and enjoyed some great cooking instruction from Mark as he prepared each dish. Overall, we had an amazing time on our vacation in Grenada and most of that is due to our stay at The Lodge. We highly recommend The Lodge to anyone who appreciates beautiful scenery, fabulous food and unbeatable hospitality.

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    Posted by Karly W. at 08/03/13 10:31:14

    Our first trip to Grenada was amazing, largely in part to our wonderful stay at The Lodge. Waking up to the warm, Caribbean air every morning was only beat by the very tasty breakfast on the veranda. Every day ended with an extra yummy dinner with the cool evening breeze. Everything in between was also remarkable. Thanks to Mark’s orientation to St. George’s and the beaches, we were able to get around quite easily on the buses. All Grenadians were friendly and helpful. We took a tour with Mandoo (thanks for the recommendation, Mark). Not only did we get a great tour of the island, we were given a history lesson and education on current events and politics…the most thorough and attention-keeping tour I’ve ever been on. Back to The Lodge…we had such a great time with Mark and Matthew. We had so many interesting conversations about everything from food to music to politics. We felt at home and so very welcomed throughout our stay. Did I mention the food was great? We were so fulfilled with every meal. And the Lodge itself was beautiful. It overlooks the town of St. George’s, the ocean, and all the lush green in between. Our room had the same view from the balcony that was as large as the perfectly sized room. From the balcony, we were able to enjoy the sun in the daytime, sunsets in the evening, and the moon and lovely breeze at night. The Lodge was the perfect place to take in the perfect elements of Grenada. Thank you, Mark and Matthew, for making our vacation better than we ever imagined.

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