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I'm considering going on a short trip to Taiwan somewhere during the next few months, focusing solely on Taipei. Due to Jewish dietary laws, I can only eat out at 100% vegan restaurants and eateries. Taipei has a huge selection of vegetarian/vegan dining options, so that's encouraging. But, as there's no real Jewish community over there, and the local "semi-Rabbi" is currently unavailable, I wanted to know if someone here is familiar with regular cooking practices in Taipei/Taiwan.

There's no need for you to know anything about Jewish laws; I only require information about whether they do or do not like to "spice things up" with ingredients from non-vegetable sources. For example, I personally witnessed during my half-year stay in Beijing how the Chinese didn't have any problem with presenting a dish that's only 99.5% vegetarian.

Any suggestions might help, and no, I'm not looking for websites with veg restaurant listings. I want to know more about the possibility of unexpectedly encountering animal ingredients in vegan dishes...

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    Posted by webmaster at 08/11/09 19:04:59

    Hi ThreeJay,

    I believe if you stay away from the mock meats and eat at pure veg places you will be fine. Some of the mock meats contain whey or eggs, but otherwise everything should be vegan. I've spent 3+years living in Taiwan myself.
    Peace, webmaster-eric

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