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If you live somewhere with decent flights to Portland, its a worthwhile inexpensive vegan adventure. I highly suggest only going during their "dry" season and when its warm. The public transportation and the ability to ride your bike nearly everywhere is fantastic. There are vegan options on nearly every corner. The vegan friendly density must be one of the greatest in the world.
-Food Fight all vegan grocery store
-Bye & Bye & The Tube - Vegan friend BARS!
-Vegan Food Carts (Sip)
-Endless Vegan Breakfast Options
-Chinese/Japense/Rose Garden
-Green Loop Organic Clothing Store
-Red and Black Cafe (vegan live music/open mics)

This blog covers it all

I must say though, I've never felt more UNHEALTHY in my ENTIRE vegan life than after 4 days in the vegan candy store that is Portland! Its comfort food overkill! Its a really young and eclectic city. (A lot of people walk around barefoot?)

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    Posted by HM at 09/08/08 19:42:06

    people walking around barefoot?
    where did you see that?
    just a note:
    Bye and Bye is 100 percent vegan.
    Food Fight rocks.
    Vegan food carts... Sip and Taco truck (plus another that has a vegan menue) plus there are more downtown.
    SweetPea has vegan brunch every Sunday, donuts on Saturday
    Herbivore is next to FoodFight! and SweetPea
    Scapegoate is down the street.
    You should have gone to Blossoming Lotus if you think all there is to eat is junk food. Lots of raw and beautiful food... all healthy, all vegan
    Veganopolis is also downtown... sandwich shop
    There's also Papa G's Deli
    Van Hahn is good too, and is non profit and all proceeds simply keep the place going and also supports the Buddhist house of meditation.
    I live less than 2 miles from Proper Eats... Vegan/Vegetarian grocery, vegan cafe.
    These are all the "off the top of my head" choices.
    Many other places, such as vita, kalga, laughing planet, and many many others, offer a good selection of very vegan choices and are conscious of how important our diet is to us.
    Maybe next time you will spend more time here and visit more places. Of course, if I eat out every day, which I have found myself doing when my paycheck is heftier than normal, I would feel pretty crappy too. But at least I know I never had to question the ingredients of my food. And like I said... Blossoming Lotus is so healthy. It's actually my favorite, and I WOULD eat there every day if I could. But I have cats to feed too!

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    Posted by HM at 09/08/08 19:45:11

    oh and ps
    glad you did get to see the positives of Portland.
    and it's nice to see something else NOT on your list of highlights.
    How long were you here?
    Did you make it to the foodfight! party yesterday?
    We also had some demos over the week. Don't know if you were there or not. I missed this Saturday's foie gras demo due to a memorial I had to attend for a client.
    maybe see you on the next.

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    Posted by gr8vegan at 09/08/08 20:06:33

    Was just in for the holiday weekend. Proper Eats was awesome, it was like a little vacation from Portland in itself. Really laid back area. But, totally I could have eaten healthy in Portland no problem, the temptations just are too irresistible to go with the healthy menu choices :), thus the warning :)

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    Posted by gr8vegan at 09/08/08 20:07:17

    PS. Nutshell despite adding Veg Options is a fantastic 85% vegan place where you can get a gourmet bite.

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    Posted by HM at 09/08/08 20:31:47

    Nutshell is a horrible place.
    I've eaten decent food there, yes.
    here is the story of Nutshell.
    Adam Berger and his cohorts own Ten-01 and Tabla. Ten-01 Served(S) foie gras. They used to have a vegan night, and it worked out so well they opened up a vegan restaurant called Nutshell.
    Great place. Yumm food. Food I've made myself even.
    But then I found out about the foie gras at Ten-01. We called Adam, wrote to him, called him to set up a time to show him a video, etc. We got nothing. He wouldn't even talk to us. A lot of talk about "maybe we'll take it off but F-CK THEM" passed along by workers at Nutshell.
    We called him and said take it off or we'll see you tomorrow. This was after several months of getting no nothing at all.
    We showed up and it was gone. ON VIDEO he shook my hand and said it was off the menu and he would keep it off. I said to him if it appears again or is obtainable in the futer, we'll be back, and this time with no warning.
    a couple months later, friends went in and took pictures of the foie gras on the menu again.
    Well, we returned. We came with a lound voice of compassion. 4 weeks later they took it back off.
    here we are a couple weeks later and they have turned their vegan restaurant into a vegetarian spot due to the loss of customers who wouldn't support a vegan restaurant that served a delicacy of torture at their other restaurant.
    Adam is about greed and money.
    Also, I did want to mention when he took it off the first time I did encourage the boycott be lifted and several of us, including myself, ate there and I know I wrote him a letter by male and while there thanking him.
    The second time they took it off, I went in and spoke to him alone. I thanked him in person, as I had the first time. He still would not sign the pledge that foie gras would not be served in the future, and could not promise even verbally off camera.
    However I, and others, went back to Nutshell, wrote letters of thanks, notes of thanks, and spread the word. The last time I went, I have to admit, the food was pretty bad. Vegan still at the time, but pretty bad. And I spent a good thirty bucks, was still hungry, and ended up kinda sick later. Maybe from the food, likely not.
    Anyway, sorry about the book, just rambling on so you can see why the uproar of most of the vegan community here:)

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    Posted by HM at 09/08/08 20:40:56

    oh... dangit... one add on...
    when we were told it was put back on the menu, I called the night before we returned and asked if they served foie gras. The girl said no.
    I said, "Are you sure? I know you had it before and took it off the menu for some reason. My parents love your restaurant and are going to be in town tomorrow night."
    She asked for me to hold, came back, and said it was not on the menu.
    The next night, we showed up, and it was, in fact, on the menu, visible on the window outside.
    They taunted the protesters by acting like they were eating it and motioning as if "yum".
    They even offered us free samples. Sick.
    Anyway, I'm done rambling (for now).
    but really, you'd love blossoming lotus by far much better than Nutshell. Even before I heard about the foie gras, it was by far a better, yummier place (mmm hummus platters, bowels, live fudge and strawberry shortcakes... yummy food without guilt!)

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    Posted by kindlizard at 09/08/08 21:21:25

    HM, he did go to Blossoming Lotus, but only got their ice cream, which is why he thinks Ptd is full of comfort food/ junk food: he sought it out.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 09/08/08 21:36:46

    no offense or anything, just seems like you sought it out and found it and then said it was all comfort food. there are some pretty good place sto eat too, its just desserts and such can be supported by a population like that. I think your Food Fight experience likely you ventured into the Nacho Cheez? Easy to fall into a comfort scenario when you travel for food. Did you go out of town? Hood? Falls?

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    Posted by HM at 09/08/08 22:48:53

    Oh I know from personal experience that vegan junk food is readily available in Portland.
    I myself have a horrible sweet tooth that comes in spurts.
    I am not fat by any means, but I'm certainly not a trim and thin vegan. Of course being in my 30's and having a job that requires a lot of sitting doesn't help either.
    I'm sure he'll be back and try some of the other foods. It's hard to get to everything in one short trip, and if you are like me, eat lots of yummy not so healthy foods.
    Gr8, next time you come, really, let me suggest some fantastic places and dishes. You won't be disappointed.

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    Posted by gr8vegan at 09/09/08 05:08:21

    Kindlizard you attacked me again, multiple times above. I clearly said there were healthy options, but I foolishly choose the comfort food.

    " But, totally I could have eaten healthy in Portland no problem, the temptations just are too irresistible to go with the healthy menu choices :), thus the warning :) "

    "HM, he did go to Blossoming Lotus, but only got their ice cream, which is why he thinks Ptd is full of comfort food/ junk food: he sought it out. "" Easy to fall into a comfort scenario when you travel for food"

    You are also clearly unhealthily interested in my activities.

    HM. PPK has a good thread on Nutshell. I hope you all find an effective method to get to that owner. Looking forward to your suggestions next time around! Thanks!

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 09/09/08 06:39:47

    I read that Isa Chandra Moskowitz had moved to Portland - article below -

    June 26th

    [The Portland Mercury - opinion]

    +America's Favorite Vegan Cookbook Writer Now Calls Portland Home+
    To say Isa Chandra Moskowitz is charming would be an understatement. The 35-year-old vegan cookbook author and recent Brooklyn transplant has an easy smile, a gentle East Coast twang, and big expressive eyes that light up when she talks food. Even when she teases me, half joking, about how I make a living (as a food critic) on the death of innocent creatures, it feels good-natured. This is not to say she isn't concerned about the politics or ethics of veganism—she is wholeheartedly committed to both. It's just that she can see vegans and omnivores living side by side. They can even go to potlucks together... as long as it's a vegan potluck.

    Moskowitz's recipes have been a part of vegan potlucks since her first cookbook, 2005's Vegan with a Vengeance. She has since produced two other books with writing partner Terry Hope Romero, one of which, a vegan The Joy of Cooking titled Veganomicon, is one of the best-selling vegan cookbooks in the United States. ... ...

    Moskowitz's recent move to Portland may go a long way in helping her create more delicious vegan recipes. Though reluctant to leave Brooklyn, she was seduced by Portland's livability, natural beauty, and, of all things, the french fries at Dot's on SE Clinton.

    She's also excited about the quality of local ingredients.

    "In Brooklyn, I cooked as local as I could, but the farmers' market was one day a week and a lot of times I had to cook out of season. All the food I'm getting [in Portland] is so much better than what I was getting in New York. Here it's definitely been more inspiring for me to cook with more produce and more grains."

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    Posted by kindlizard at 09/19/08 01:50:13

    Portland bread co.
    I got a kick out of this guy's website, and his story on it was way intense. Met them at a street fair, they say its all vegan and OG bread, though I can't recall if I ever bought it.

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    Posted by HM at 09/09/08 08:29:17

    She does live here.
    Weather or not she is going to open up a restaurant is still up in the air. Though I hope she does!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 09/09/08 12:54:23

    HM - I *hope* to come up to visit Portland sometime. If I do, mind if I message you and we could possibly meetup?

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    Posted by HM at 09/09/08 16:56:34

    tatiana you BETTER message me and YES we will meet up:)

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 09/15/08 18:57:00

    Yes indeedy!

    We are working to start something similar in Hong Kong.

    People's on HappyCow -

    People's contact page -

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    Posted by HM at 09/15/08 11:16:47

    I've been to a couple of their monthly potlucks.
    rule is you have to bring something that is at least vegetarian (or vegan) if you bring anything. I'm always wondering what if everyone brings something vegetarian, which would be meaning all the vegans are left out.
    I like what People's does at their potlucks. All the food must be vegan. This way noone is left out of any of the food.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 09/15/08 03:52:09

    Just in case anyone does not already know this fine Portland veggy networking site here is a link to it - is currently promoted right at the top of their "Global Links" section -

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 09/11/08 01:26:14

    Just for fun - a little about vegan "couch-surfing" in Portland.........................

    A place to crash

    The CouchSurfing Project offers that, and then some

    By Kari Westerman


    Justin Cory gives the mattress resting against the wall in his Portland, Ore., backyard a good sniff. He's pretty sure it hasn't been rained on and it doesn't smell like mildew, so he offers this or the floor of his basement bedroom for us to sleep on. We take the mattress.

    It's not the Hilton, but the price is right: free.

    Welcome to The CouchSurfing Project (, the Web site that links travelers from all over the world with people who are willing to host them. The accommodations may lack the comfort and predictability of the big chain motels, but the service more than makes up for that by exposing travelers to local culture and new people. With the current state of the economy, couch surfing can be a cheap alternative to staying home.

    Signing on to CouchSurfing is no more difficult than making a MySpace or Facebook profile, only the end product is much less narcissistic and has a very specific, useful purpose.

    Technically, this was Cory's first hosting experience through the Web site, but he feels he has a lot to give back.

    "I spent a lot of time on people's couches when I was touring with bands, so it seems karmic to return that favor," says the 24-year-old vegan anarchist who recently moved from Arizona to Portland.

    The site is about more than just finding a place to crash. It provides a chance to meet locals, share stories and exchange ideas and bridge cultural gaps.

    The Web site was officially launched in 2004. Its main founder, Casey Fenton, tired of running the tourist rat race, e-mailed more than 1,500 Icelandic students asking them if he could stay with them on his weekend trip to Reykjavik. His experience was so positive, he decided to help create The CouchSurfing Project.

    Of course, staying with a complete stranger can be daunting, so the Web site has a few tips to help assure traveler safety. Essentially, the project is a community-based network that functions on trust.

    Staying with someone should be based on reading references left by other travelers and direct correspondence via the Web site. Another tool aimed at safety is to become a "verified member," meaning the site has verified and matched the name of the surfer associated with a credit card or bank account with their physical address.

    Dean Otness, 25, another host in Portland who has traveled all over the country as a couch surfer, says that just like with anything, people have to trust their instincts.

    "You can get a feel for someone from looking at their profile," he says. "I have definitely said no to people before, not even because they seem creepy, but maybe just because their interests were very different from mine."

    When paying for a room you may get a few extra towels, an ice machine and arguably clean bedding, but it is hard to imagine a Holiday Inn offering vegan quinoa burritos and beer at 2 a.m., or taking their customers on a 4 a.m. urban art stenciling mission.

    Couch surfing may not be for the overly shy or cautious, but it offers affordable adventure and instant friendships as an alternative to increasingly homogenized, prepackaged tourism.

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    Posted by HM at 09/19/08 16:38:16

    Dave's Killer Bread ROCKS!!!
    I have some in my fridge now:)
    yum yum yum

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 09/19/08 22:04:01

    Ivy Entrekin's "Block Dinners" in Portland.

    If I was in Portland I would book my seat for Ivy's home-cooked food every week.

    You can meet Ivy at Vita Cafe where she works some days - - the person with the "arm tat's".

    Excerpt's -

    + After going vegan 10 years ago for health reasons, her cooking style has evolved, she says. The main lesson she's learned through the years is to avoid anything heavily processed, such as the vegan cream cheese she used to put in everything. "Now, I figure out how to make things (creamy) with lemon juice and tahini instead."

    Entrekin makes her own nut butters and bumps up flavors by roasting. She has learned to love grains and cooks a wide variety of them. She keeps a few key cookbooks close at hand for inspiration (see box), and talks food all the time with her culinary-school-grad brother and like-minded friends.

    She also draws on the diversity of flavors, textures and colors in the plant world, always looking for balance. "I really like to mix sweet and savory," Entrekin, 33, says. "And I like to do something raw or lightly cooked" as a palate cleanser.

    No dish is ever too far from her Southern roots, though.

    Her grandma used to brush mustard on sweet corn and grill it, she says, so mustard becomes the base of the olive oil-cumin-lime marinade she drizzles on the first local corn she sees at the market.

    A conversation with her brother in North Carolina about deep-dish peach cobbler inspired her to make a vegan version, made with spelt flour, unrefined organic sugar and served with dollops of whipped coconut cream.

    Back on 57th Avenue on a balmy summer night, Entrekin has once again pulled off the trick of making vegan meals that feel like Southern-style comfort food. The friends lounge on Gates and Loebel's deck this week, finishing up ears of corn and quinoa salad with creamy lemon sauce, chickpeas and cilantro.

    After cobbler is served, Owen Kane, 4, asks his neighbor Kathy Lovrien, who makes him pancakes most weekends, to play hide and seek. Entrekin, who stays for the meal, chats with the adults lounging on benches before packing up and heading home.

    Glenda Stewart, who lives next door, says these block dinners "are the highlight of my week." She's single and doesn't cook, but tonight she learned not just what quinoa is, but that she likes it.

    Along with that, everyone here has squeezed something precious from their few free hours at the end of the day: They've slowed down, talked and listened. +


    Strong, strong emotions are expressed in the "Comments" on the article!

    The writer chose to call them "potlucks" - oops - then the bombs started to be thrown!

    The "hostile ones" are certainly best left alone / undisturbed to suffer "The Animals' Revenge".

    Excerpt -

    "The Animals' Revenge: After the expense of raising animals, we eat them, and they kill us. Eating kills 2 out of 3 people in the Western world. Eating is the biggest cause of disease, disability and death in the West today. Human bodies can't handle animal and dairy products. A diet based on animal and dairy products is suicidal. Prehistoric man ate over 800 varieties of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grain. This is the diet we have evolved to eat. Meat, dairy and fish became affordable in the 20th century. We switched from a plant-based diet to an animal based one."

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 09/19/08 22:16:16

    The blog -

    + Dinner on the Block - Cooking for families sharing the same street +

    There are recipes linked to the Press article -

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    Posted by HM at 09/20/08 16:42:18

    I love Vita cafe. They are not vegan or vegetarian but they do have vegan and vegetarian options.
    There are a lot of controversial opinions about them but I love their corn cakes and biscuits and gravy:)

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    Posted by kindlizard at 09/24/08 15:16:22

    There is a choclatier in Portland across from the Blossoming Lotus that does a lot of vegan chocs. It is expensive but a very nice place to relax/ get jacked on chocolate.

    Sweet something or other...

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    Posted by TexasVegan at 05/03/09 23:31:23

    It's really pretty shameful that I've still never been to Portland. Aside from all the wonderful vegan adventures to be had there, my best friend has lived there now for over a year. For shame. I really need to work that trip out.

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