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I recently flew Qatar Airlines round trip from the US to China. As always, I order a vgml meal before flying. The meals I was served were not vegan meals. On one segment of the flight I was served a sandwich with eggs. On another segment of the flight I was given cheese.
I contacted their customer service at the end of my flight to complain. It took them more than 1 month to reply. Their reply "sorry." Hardly the kind of service that one would expect from a company that prides itself as being a "5-star airline."

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    Posted by shanghaivegan at 05/31/13 23:51:59

    Maybe they confused it with VLML which contains dairy and eggs?

    Try Vegetarian Jain Meal (VJML) next time, which is the safer choice for vegans.

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    Posted by DC1346 at 06/01/13 05:45:12

    Since going vegan, I've been surprised at how many people here in the states don't even know what a vegan is. Most people I know recognize vegans as a type of vegetarian but don't understand the specific dietary preferences.

    With this being said, don't expect to find vegan/vegetarian labeled meals on small carriers or at restaurants in 3rd world countries. This is not to say that such meals aren't available but the term "vegan" is generally not recognized.

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    Posted by GreyGhost at 09/27/13 02:51:18

    At least you got a response! British Airways poisoned me twice (I have allergies to dairy and other ingredients on top of being vegan) and have completely ignored my complaints. I could have DIED if I'd ingested anything on the tray. I'm never, EVER flying BA again.

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    Posted by Veganwithavengance at 10/01/13 20:22:56

    If you can take the train at least in the Middle part of America currently called the U.S.A., go for it. Amtrak in the three times I have be lucky enough to take a sleeper train I have gotten vegan meals with no problems and no screw ups. Plus last time everyone at my table wanted what I had instead of their animal laden garbage.

    When you don't have that option make sure to be clear you have allergies that could be life threatening. It won't guarantee anything as GreyGhost pointed out but they are more likely to listen to avoid lawsuits.

    Just to be clear:
    The word 'veganism' denotes a philosophy and way of living which seeks to end the idea of animals as property and exclude all forms of exploitation of (use of), and cruelty to, animals for food (including products derived wholly or partly from animals), clothing, research or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives and respect for their inherent rights as our fellow earthlings.

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    Posted by lotustummy at 12/03/13 11:10:14

    I always book Asian vegetarian on QA. Sometimes they call it HINDU meal. They won't specify vegan but Asian Jain might also work

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    Posted by FRUITnVEG at 03/09/14 21:04:59

    What! This is not cool! Not cool at all!

    I will be flying Qatar from Australia, Perth to the UK later this year.

    Thanks for this forum post as it has ensured me that I should take as much of my own produce on board as I can.

    Hopefuly things have changed since - as I have been informed that they also serve Fruitarian options too.. But I won't be eating any of that unless it is Organic - of which I highly doubt.

    I will be sure to make serious complaints to no-end if they are insulting enough to not provide a plant based option.

    Take care & thanks,


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    Posted by AndyT at 03/13/14 21:16:29

    I guess the cabin crew would not know, e.g. if they put butter or cheese on your tray as add-on.

    In the olde days (1990's), there was only VGML (VEGETARIAN MEAL) available. THEN, they changed VGML to mean VEGAN VEGATARIAN MEAL, and this should still be available worldwide on all airlines. Some offer OVML (Oriental vegetarian meal) or AVML (Asian vegetarian meal), VLML (Vegetarian lacto meal for those who do not think they could survive a flight without eggs and dairy :-( and similar - but I would be cautious of those, as they might contain non-vegan substances.

    I always order VGML to be on the safe side, and most times it works. HOWEVER - call up the airline more than 24 hours before your flight to confirm that they have received it, because often the request gets lost between the travel office and the airline, and it does not help you much if you have it printed on your flight confirmation, but they do not have a meal available !!!

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