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We are in Australia where there are many meat substitute products from Sanitarium, Fry's, Quoin etc but we are moving to India and would like to get some similar products. Any help here please?


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    Posted by jodhagirl at 01/07/13 12:53:00

    I know this might not help much, but I go to India every year to visit family,and I have never seen any such substitutes. Maybe if you go to a large city like Mumbai, but otherwise I have never seen.

    the meat substitutes that are mostly eaten there, and is available everywhere is, PANEER,(fresh soft cheese that can be fried, eaten raw, ect) or TOFU (only available in special stores and not everywhere, and then, the NON-MILK substitutes are made out of SOYA.

    soya chunks,(to use as meat substitute) or soya granules (to use in burgers or sauce)
    these are available everywhere, and in every store almost.

    That's as much I have seen in the last 20 years.
    but as I say, in the big metro cities (Mumbai, Delhi, ect),you may have a greater choice. depends where you go.
    Good luck

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    Posted by ozstar at 01/07/13 15:22:14


    Thanks for the help.

    Yes it is mainly New Delhi we will be or in some other places such as Sirsa as well.

    Yes it is that we love the Sanitarium 'Not Burgers', 'Vege Roast' and sausages and some of the other ready made 'bbq style burgers and hate to think we won't have them or a substitute.

    We have contacted all three companies and none export to India at the moment.

    Once again many thanks..

    Happy New Year


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