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Does anyone know if there is a major concern for the use of lard or other animal fats in breads and other baked goods in Norway? My wife and I are going there in about a month and would like to know. We do eat dairy products.

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    Posted by Stevie at 06/17/07 03:40:23


    I can't answer your question directly but from when I have been to Oslo there is a decent number of health food shops around where I am sure they would help you easily. Likewise there are veggie resturants there (My favourite of the ones I have been to is the Hare Krishna restaurant in Oslo's West Eend. It seems everyone in Norway speaks English and it isn't a challenging place to visit in terms of communicating with the natives.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 06/18/07 01:17:38

    The reply from blackbyrus on Yahoo Answers - The bread situation in Norway is fantastic... the cheapest are actually vegan (and delicious!), just water and grains, sometimes salt, and the ones with milk, egg, yoghurt, or other animal fats are more expensive and harder to find. Check the ingredients, it should be some combination of these:

    vann, vand = water
    salt = salt
    ____mel = flour or meal, ex: "hvetemel, rismel"
    hvete = wheat
    fullkorn = whole grain
    mais = corn
    ris = rice
    potater = potatoes
    Other grains: spelt, rug, havre, bygg

    If there are any ingredients not covered by that list, ask the store workers what they mean, since most Norwegians speak English perfectly fine, especially near big cities. Things to watch out for are non-veg*n E numbers (link in source), egg or ägg = eggs, and melk = milk (not sure whether you were including dairy in animal fats, but there you go), but I have rarely seen those in the average loaves in the grocery stores. Feel free to mail me if you have more questions about being vegetarian in Norway, and good luck!


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    Posted by hilsidney at 06/22/07 19:56:01

    My husband is Norwegian, and we actually spend a lot of time over there. I bake my mother in laws bread here at home because it's so friggin delicious!! I can tell you for sure that most of the bread you will find there will be the healthiest most delicious bread that you've ever had. You might find some butter, or milk but never lard or anything like that. If it's more of a sweet bread it could have eggs. You will be fine since you are not vegan. I'm a vegetarian and I absolutely love norwegian bread. Breakfast is the best meal of the day with lot's of bread. Ha en fin tur!!!

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