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Copied from my post on facebook:

Hi all, just sharing some recommendations about restaurants in the area.. feel free to comment with some new propositions and that post will be updated accordingly. That is helpful for people who find it hard to go to restaurants in the area.. That post was written a while ago and I'm sure there would be lots of newer recommendations..

1. End of the Line Cafe - Pensacola - Vegan restaurant. A really awesome vegan menu
2. Sluggo's restaurant - Pensacola has a full vegan menu. Lots of variety of vegan food. Very tasty. (happy hour till 7pm)
3. Jackson's steakhouse, Pensacola: believe it or not a steakhouse has a big very tasty vegan plate. If you feel fancy or like celebrating a special occasion I'd recommend it.
4. Everman Grocery/Cafe - Pensacola: huge grocery selection of everything (produce, refrigerated/frozen items, bulk foods/grains/nuts, milks, herbs, snacks, wines, etc; like a regular grocery store but healthier), produce is pricey but high quality, has a great salad/sandwich/smoothie bar - awesome for lunchtime!
5. Bailey's Farmer's Market - Pensacola: huge farmer's market-style produce grocery - the reduced price sales are better than anywhere else I've seen here.

6. Cactus Flower Cafe - Gulf Shores: California-style Mexican, vegan/vegetarian salad and taco options, and overall "healthier"/fresher/less greasy food options
7. Cactus Cantina - Gulf Shores: less-healthy Mexican, but huge portions of veggie fajitas, have veggie enchiladas

8. Bravos Tacos and Sol y Mar in Orange Beach: both have options for veggie burritos, enchiladas, and/or big salads (basically Mexican is usually an easy option), anything can be ordered without cheese
9. Fisher's - Orange Beach: regular menu is not veg-friendly, but they were happy to make really tasty, unique, and adequately-sized vegetarian food (may use butter); it's pricey but nice atmosphere.
10. Perdido Beach Resort, Voyagers restaurant - Orange Beach: if you request ahead on reservations they can make good vegetarian entrees (mushroom-based one - portabello wellington I think? - is really tasty) and have lots of small salads. Nice option for a more upscale dinner but avoiding the steakhouse menu. We also discovered you can order a veggie-filled pasta from the restaurant next door as a main course and enjoy everything else from Voyagers smile emoticon
11. Another Broken Egg - Orange Beach: has a good veggie burger and some vegan wrap options, vegetarian-friendly sides like jicama and black beans.
12. Big Fish - Orange Beach: good vegan sushi
13. Shipp's Harbor Grill - Orange Beach: quite a few vegetarian options (not vegan, most have cheese but this could be removed on a lot of dishes). They have big entree-sized salads, veggie sushi, vegetarian black-bean quesadillas.

14. Sunflower Cafe - Fairhope: HUGE vegetarian/vegan-friendly menu - the outside of the cafe is a bit sketchy-looking, but the menu is amazing! There is a health food store next door as well.
15. Master Joe's - Fairhope: good vegan sushi and appetizers
16. Yak Indian food in Fairhope also is a great vegetarian and vegan choice.
17. Warehouse bakery: they have all sorts of grain bowls, salads AND Vegan chili!! There is a new frozen dessert smoothie place called Soul Bowlz that is super yummy
18. Mellow Mushroom - Foley/etc.: has 100% vegan pizza (vegan cheese, crust, etc.)

Also -- Thrive Market online: we use this website all the time to buy non-perishables, vegan bath/body products, supplements, pastas, and other harder-to-find healthy ingredients, and the prices are better than any local store, Amazon, etc. You can even sort products by "values" to filter for vegan/cruelty-free items (or non-GMO, gluten-free, Paleo, whatever else you want)

Oh and one more thing - there is an app called "HappyCow" which displays vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly restaurants and shops in a given area, along with reviews and pictures.

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