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I'll be traveling to Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. I'm writing down a list of all the vegan restaurants where I'm going, but I know there will be times where I'm going to end up somewhere that's not technically vegan. What are you tips for eating vegan in these situations? Go to foods? What are some hidden animal products I should look out for? etcetc. And any other tips you have!

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    Posted by AnnaWacker at 01/10/18 05:15:30

    Your trip sounds so great!
    In situations like you mention, I would say, EAT FRUIT! To keep you hydrated, happy and full. Or maybe there will be coconuts - drink the water, that'll help too! Also, I find that a good food to always have with me on the road are dates! Dates, dates, dates.
    Ps. you might want to aware of the (enormous amount) of pesticides used in Costa Rica - when buying conventional.
    Happy new year and happy trip!
    Best wishes, Anna

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