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Copy of what I just sent to Delta:


Thank you for offering a "Vegetarian (Pure)" VGML meal on this flight. However, if I wanted to eat a bland, boring, insipid "grilled veggie sandwich", I could have brought it onto the plane from any number of restaurants in the airport.

You should be ashamed of offering this "meal" in first class. Lettuce on a plain whole wheat bun with 2 slices each of zucchini and yellow squash topped off with a slice of grilled red onion. Dry, no condiments, nothing else. "Salad": 10 cherry tomatoes cut in half along with maybe 10 quarter round slices of cucumber covered in some greasy oil (dressing?). I guess the 2 slices of cantaloupe and pineapple were supposed to be "dessert" Pathetic!

Here's an idea: Take whatever the non-vegan meal is and make it vegan. So, instead of the ham and cheese sandwich offered to others, you could use vegan ham slices (they exist - go shopping at Whole Foods to see the variety of manufacturers) and vegan cheese slices (such as Daiya).

Other choice was some sort of white rice and chicken dish. VERY easy to veganize: brown rice (using vegetable broth) and either Gardein or Beyond Meat grilled "chix" strip/breast. See, no need to use the grilled veggies in either of these entrees.

May I suggest to the "chef" in the company that they get a vegan cookbook and use those recipes instead of using the brain-dead, stuck in the '50s ones I got last night for "dinner".

I refuse to eat grilled veggie sandwiches in restaurants, and I certainly didn't eat it on the plane. I had a bag of the cranberry blueberry crunch things, about 30 little bags of peanuts and the fruit slices instead.

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    Posted by Kittybiscuit at 01/03/16 08:13:20

    Love it! I flew on Qatar (from Australia to Europe last year) and found their vegan options inedible. Cathay pacific have been much better!

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    Posted by Aloo at 01/03/16 19:59:12

    Airlines so need to get feedback about their offerings to vegans on flights. Especially when on a long haul flight - I have some anxiety when they start to bring the meals around!

    Anyone had positive airline food experiences?

    I flew Singapore Airlines from Australia to Asia, and found their meals to be comparable to other customers.

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    Posted by veganinvegas at 12/23/17 03:23:36

    2017 Delta update.

    VGML special meals now are a scoop of tan mush or a scoop of green mush. No idea what it used to be. Tan seems to be the choice heading east while green seems to show up westbound.

    If you complain about the meal, you get the standard "we'll forward your comments to the appropriate department" and then they throw 7K back into your mileage account.

    In 2017, I added 70K miles this way.

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