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I'm planning my dreamy honeymoon in Costa Rica in August.
2 locations that I heard great things about and want to visit when I'm there: Asian restaurant in San Jose with lots of veggie options I heard that their sushi is great a vegetarian / vegan resort in the middle of the cloud forest, read excellent reviews on this place.
Somebody knows these places? what do you think about them?

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 06/03/12 14:09:24

    OMG, the Lands in Love resort looks *amazing*. I haven't been to that particular resort but judging from their website, I don't see how u can go wrong.

    If you find yourself in the south of Costa Rica, I highly recommend going to The Osa Wildlife Sanctuary. To me, it is worth a trip in and of itself. You can only get there by small boat. The boat ride there is beautiful and our operator stopped along the way to let us snorkel in multiple spots in the Gulf of Dolce. Arriving at the sanctuary, a howler monkey named LuLu climbed up me, wrapped her long tail around my forearm to grip me then sat in my arms like a baby for the entire tour. It was magical. The people who run the sanctuary are some of the best, most kind people on earth.

    If you find yourself on the west side of CR near Quepos, I highly recommend Manuel Antonio National Park. It's a small nat'l park compared to the others but it's very user-friendly. Many excellent tour guides for hire that take you through the park. You can go through on your own but I'd get a guide. They all carry telescopes and can spot sloths, monkeys, birds, you name it, in trees that you'd otherwise never see. You can put your camera up to the lens of their telescope and get insane National Geographic looking photos. Great hiking, beaches, restaurants. We stayed at Hotel Costa Verde b/c it was closest to the park and the monkeys from the park sit in the trees outside the hotel's restaurant.

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    Posted by lewinskyadam at 06/10/12 13:42:10

    Hi happycowgirl, you helped me so much, I'm definitely going to Lands in love and the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary looks great, I was thinking in advance about Manuel Antonio and after what you wrote it's a sure thing.
    We decided to come earlier to Costa Rica (July) and I'll write a full report once I'm back.

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    Posted by Cascadian at 06/11/12 13:15:06


    I visited CR last May and while some/many things in "paradise" are not all the tourist guides make them out to be, overall I had a pleasant time & would certainly return.

    Personally, I was not that impressed with Tin Jo though it was one of the best options I found & certainly one of the fancier ones - though still pretty run down by US standards - that I saw in CR.

    To be clear, I *like* simple & even run-down places - I just don't care to pay higher prices at fancier places that just weren't that great. Dining wasn't a highlight of my trip & the simpler/cheaper places often offered great value in comparison with the pricier ones.

    My favorite spots in CR were Puerto Viejo (town/village) and Cahuita Nacional Parque on the Caribbean coast and the La Fortuna / Arenal area of north-central CR. Lands in Love is fairly close.

    I hope you have a great trip!

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    Posted by fiendly at 06/12/12 18:36:24

    You must go to Arenal Lodge, Monteverde, the Osa Peninsula & Gulfo Dulce, Botanic Gardens, the Cloud Forest, & Hotel Herrera in San Jose (The most beautiful hotel pool, best breakfast and great rooms) Plan well ahead of time & make SURE to use 4 wheel drive vehicles only!

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    Posted by AZKC at 06/24/12 10:09:05

    Hi, I've been to Tin Jo twice when I was just vegetarian and loved it. It is worth visiting. Be aware: It was within walking distance, but my hotel thought it unwise to walk there. Another restaurant in the same area that I like is Cafe Mundo. Have a great trip.

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    Posted by lewinskyadam at 08/22/12 16:43:35

    So we're back from a vacation of a lifetime. Thanks for the comments and for your help.
    First, Lands in love resort. 100% vegetarian / vegan place with great vibes. So many dishes to choose from and such an unbelievable location in the cloud forest.
    We did zip lines, canyoning, horseback riding and rafting over there, our guides Ufredo , Freddie and Joel were so nice and professional, we also took day trips to the Volcano and wild refuge Cano Negro (took excellent lunch boxes).
    One of the nicest things about this place is the fact that Alon the tour desk guy can recommend on other locations, so we took the information we gathered before coming and he put everything in order.
    Mnauel Antonio is a must!!! Heaven on earth, beautiful beach, nice rain forest and tones of monkeys.
    Go to eat there at Si Como No restaurant, it has many vegetarian options, we didn't stay there it was out of our budget so we stayed at hotel Espadilla close to the NP.
    While there go to the national park - Efrain from Manuel Antonio Tico Tours should be your guide, he was born in the park and does a great tour and also do the Rafa monkey guy, the highlight of the trip, the guy talks with his amigos, the monkeys and they come to his boat, tones of them 
    We've been also to Corcovado – what a place, nature at his best, so many animals, it was overwhelming, we stayed in hotel Aguila De Osa the owner there Bradd was so nice that just made our stay even better.
    One tip, go to Sirene part of the national park, that's more inside and you get to see more animals.
    That's it for now , it was a honeymoon to remember, once in a lifetime

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    Posted by CandiceHill at 07/09/13 00:24:54

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