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I've put together some handy tips for all vegan travellers! Check them out on the link below! Do you have any others???

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    Posted by eric at 10/25/15 19:23:24

    Collated Style- you failed to mention the most important thing one can do,... consult HappyCow!
    I always try to find a hotel based on the most vegan section of a town.

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    Posted by Aloo at 11/23/15 19:20:48

    I first got onto HappyCow when I was traveling, in those days there was no App. How lucky are we now?!

    I also find out about some of the local foods - are they likely to be vegan if they are made traditionally?

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    Posted by MetaMate at 11/24/15 05:15:19

    Don'T forget to take a package of crunchy Spirulina with you when on the road, it makes a practical snack when combined with dry fruits and nuts, rich with vitamins and proteins. You can buy it in vegan supermarkets for 13 € or here at a better price:

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