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Hi all,

I work for an ethical store and we're stocking a range of tools for a vegan kitchen.

Would you mind sharing your favourite tools, and your kitchen essentials please?

Thanks in advance


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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/29/17 21:17:45

    I like Granite's made of porcelain and steel to naturally be non-stick or low-stick instead of having that a nasty teflon no-stick coating (that stuff causes cancer)

    Cast iron's nice to have at least one cast iron skillet, and one cast iron soup pot if you can afford it because it adds iron to fry ups and vegan stews

    High grade blender or food processor ...if you don't have the right blender or food processor, it's virtually impossible to make good nut cheese sauce....I've tried making a cashew cheese casserole and the texture was wrong because my food processor wasn't strong enough, so definitely stock Vitamix and other high grade blenders or processors

    Bamboo flatware's biodegradable and I just like the way it feels when I eat with it, though I do also have some metal flatware

    Sharp knives for chopping veggies

    Nut milk bags...even if you don't make nut milks, they're perfect for rinsing those tiny pieces of quinoa

    Colanders and strainers for pasta

    Ball/Mason jars ...for grocery shopping and/or food storage

    Bag dryers...for people to re-use plastic produce bags on their next shopping trip

    Bamboo dish rack ...can't go wrong with bamboo

    Dishtowels with animal themes current ones have cute owls

    Cloth napkins and other re-usable kitchen hygiene items

    Fair trade dishes and dining room decor

    Baskets for bread or produce

    Measuring cups

    Chopping board

    Cheesecloth ...for people who make nut cheeses

    Reusable water bottles discourage plastic water bottle purchases

    Cloth shopping discourage using plastic shopping bags

    Thermoses and lunch storage containers made out of stainless steel or materials other than plastic, or those new tupperware containers made out of recycled plastic

    Biodegradable picnic items (compostable picnic/camping plates and flatware)

    Compost buckets

    Other basic items for serious cooks/bakers: cooking thermometers (candy etc), banana trees, cookie pans, pie pans, bundt pans, roasting pans

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    Posted by Nanchi at 02/18/18 15:00:35

    Aside from the 'regular' pots, cutlery & dishes, which I just got whichever I could find secondhand:

    Cast iron frying pan (Not quite non-stick, but close enough without using micro-plastics)

    Lots of stainless steel stuff, doesn't break so it's great on the go & avoids waste:
    Travel mug (insulated)
    Bottle for tea etc (also insulated)
    Coffee strainer (thinking about getting a cafetiere too, for making more than one cup)
    Tea strainer (for loose leaves)
    Measuring cups & spoons (cause I don't have a scale)
    Lunch box
    Grater (cheese, veggies, whatever really)
    Sieves (plastic might melt with hot stuff)
    Funnel (same as above)
    Splash guard (makes it possible to fry things crispy without getting oil everywhere)
    Sharp knives/with teeth

    Tin boxes in various sizes (for zero-waste shopping, storing, cookies & lose leaf teas)

    Tea towels (for cleaning and also storing/covering food, or squeezing out juice/plant milk; preferably organic cotton & Fairtrade)

    Ginger grater (ceramic, love this for garlic as most garlic presses often don't mash the whole thing)

    Blender (one of those hand-mixer ones... doesn't get things quite as smooth a the big ones, but cheaper & does the job for me)

    Microwave (I'm a student.)

    Dish brush (for cleaning, wood & plant fibres)

    Chopping board (wood; alternatively glass/stone ones are also a thing?)

    For cleaning purposes (all zero waste):
    Unscented soap bar (for doing dishes. yes, that works, quite well)
    Baking soda
    Citric acid

    Things I don't have, but want/would like to see in such a store:

    Reusable travel cutlery/dishes (like the foldable spork ^^)

    Citrus press (preferably stainless steel, or alternatively ceramic)

    Reusable straws (stainless steel, I think)

    Insulated lunch box (preferably stainless steel, and leak-proof for soups etc)

    Some folks might also like fancy stuff like a dehydrater, kitchenaid, power blender, zucchini-spaghetti-machine... dunno ^^

    Good luck for your endeavours!

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    Posted by maribee at 03/05/18 22:57:04

    I would really strongly suggest you using an AIR Fryer! I am pretty new to it so I just got this book. I am having fun with food right now. Eating Vegan really doesn't have to be boring! Here is the link to the book if you wanna check it out! It is a great little recipe book by a friend of mine!

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