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I am trying to make a vegan chocolate cake and vegan chocolate frosting with no success!
I have tried earth balance for butter replacement, the one with soy (yellow box) and without soy (red box). Cakes taste kid of salty/oily/weird/fishy but if I add a lot of cocoa powder and pure vanilla extract, they can be edible... kind of. The major problem I have is with frosting! There is no way earth balance can decently substitute butter. Frosting tastes bad, real bad. I experimented again tonight with both cake and frosting. Cake as usual is oily and salty, frosting is horrible! I refrigerated for a couple of hours and it now even tastes a bit bitter.
Definitely not something to serve to any guest!! I made the frosting with half shortening and half earth balance stick, added a lot of powdered sugar, much more than the recipe called for, a lot of pure vanilla extract and adjusted consistency with coconut milk.

I need help!!! what do you normally use for frosting? Do you know of another brand I can try?
Am I doing anything wrong? I cannot use coconut spread as I live in Florida and it will melt before my eyes, here it doesn't keep in solid form at room temperature.

Any help is much appreciated!!
Thank you!!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/23/16 14:41:08

    Yesterday's episode of "the Jazzy Vegetarian" was all chocolate recipes! Simple and pretty easy. Her recipes are all vegan and as organic as possible. She's on the "Create" channel and YouTube.

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    Posted by leonora at 09/27/17 23:21:45
    I've tried frosting on this site, this link is just one example of a delicious one :D
    I don't know what butter substitute you have available I'm afraid, since I don't have a problem finding good ones where I live ;/ but I hope you find a brand that works!

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