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Can anyone tell me how to safely sprout seed or legumes? I prefer overnight mixes. Please dumb it down as much as you can because I honestly don't know anything about sprouting. I've tried before and ended up having to throw everything away because of sour smells (this can't be safe to eat). I've been buying sprouts for a long time but have recently read that there is a lot of bacteria in store-bought sprouts.

Any info will be greatly appreciated!

:) Scout

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    Posted by anyark at 05/11/07 14:40:01

    I use my cookbook, Angel Foods, as I like their chart. For most beans & legumes, you soak them for 12 hrs. (I used filtered water) Then, rinse and drain them thoroughly twice daily for 2-4 days, depending on what you're sprouting. I used a large glass jar, covered with fine mesh or cheesecloth, and secured with a rubberband. After the initial soaking, I keep the jar, angled, inside a cabinet, as the process happens best in a darkened area. After they achieved the length you want, you can leave them in the light to green up. Store in refrigerator. I've also found some internet sites to help with sprouting.

    Hope this helps a bit!

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    Posted by Chia at 05/12/07 09:24:38

    Hey scout. I sprout mung beans at home regularly. It's easy. Soak 2 handful (depending on how much you want) of mung beans (organic when possible) in filtered water for 24 hours, draining it 2-3 times during the soak period. After the 24 hour period, drain the water. Placed a layer of non-bleached paper towel on a flat tray and spread the mung beans evenly over the paper towel. I use a plastic tray about the size of a large cookie sheet. Then cover the mung beans with another layer of paper towel. Drizzle filtered water over the entire tray until every part is wet and moist, but not flooded. Place tray in a dark closet, and let beans grow! Leave the tray in the closet for 24 hours or so, and then bring it out. Drizzle with a bit more water, and bring the tray out to the sun for 1 hour to let beans develop chollorophyl. That's it! You can add the sprouts to a salad, veggie wrap, or soup.

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    Posted by scout at 05/16/07 15:46:15

    Thank you so much! :)

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    Posted by treehugger at 05/27/07 10:44:44

    I've been meaning to give this a go for ages but wasn't too sure on the best methods.
    Thanks for your posts.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 06/07/07 21:35:47

    Chia's notes are perfect - I will add just one important tip - always give time to separate out the broken / damaged beans or seeds - broken seeds start to rot quickly & can smell very bad - especially fenugreek / methi seeds. Suggest that you go into through the HappyCow link & search for a copy of Light Eating For Surival by Marcia Acciardo - there are usually used copies available for below US$ 20 including postage. A 70's sprouting / raw foods classic. Gorgeous cover design & illustrations by Peter Max.

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    Posted by scout at 06/19/07 20:13:01

    Really, thanks! I'm most grateful for all the information.
    I just ordered something called an EZ Sprouter to help me with the small seed I sprout for the animals I take care of. I'll let you all know how that works for me.

    :) Scout

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