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Each day as part of my lunch I have 40g of mixed beans and seeds. The current batch were cooked and frozen into small containers. I would like to increase the nutritional content of the food by sprouting. These are the beans etc I cook:

red kidney beans, green lentils, brown lentils, black eye beans, black beans, red cow beans, fennygreek, sunflower seeds.

This is what I propose to do:

Soak everything other than fennygreek for at least 12 hours. Fennygreek smells if it does not germinate.

Drain and regularly hydrate, and leave to germinate until most of the beans are sprouting slightly. (Ignore kidney beans as they probably will not sprout).

Cover with water and hard boil for 15m and simmer for 45. Drain and freeze into small containers.

Is the above sensible?


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    Posted by Chia at 03/28/09 19:29:00

    Hi Robin, your method of sprouting before cooking sounds fine. When I cook legumes, I always soak them overnight.

    I just got a hemp sprout bag. It's a very basic bag with string closure, and it's the best thing for sprouting. I soak lentils, chickpeas, peas overnight. Then place the mix inside the bag, soak the bag with filtered water. Hang the bag (keeping it moist at all times but not drenched). In less than 3 days, I get fresh sprouts. They taste great RAW.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 03/29/09 03:01:40

    Keep the sunflower seeds out of the mix also - only sprout sunflower seeds in their shells / casings - shelled seeds will rot the second day after they are soaked.

    There is no need whatsever to cook any of them - they all taste gorgeous raw.

    I adore seeing that word "sensible".

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    Posted by G365876 at 03/29/09 15:04:26

    Thank you for you helpful replies. I think what I should do is to follow the sprouting process for three days. I hope that way all of the various beans will have started some of their sprouting and thus have increased their nutrient contents to some extent. Is this a reasonable compromise bearing in mind that some of the beans/ peas take longer to sprout than others?


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    Posted by VeganBeader at 03/29/09 21:38:58

    I find that 3 days is good for beans.

    Try little red Adzuki beans also, they are so tasty sprouted.

    I usually let my seeds grow a little longer.

    Alfalfa, Hemp, Clover, Mustard, etc.

    I keep my seed sprouting jars in sunlight so that they develop lovely green chlorophyll.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 03/30/09 08:27:43

    I have a good comprehensive sprouting chart at home, I'll check it out and get back with times for different beans/seeds. Also, as Johnny said, they taste great raw, then that way you'll also preserve all those nutrients. :)

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    Posted by Tatiana at 03/30/09 19:25:25

    The guide I have only has a bit of the stuff you listed, but here's what I have:

    lentils - soaking time 6-8 hours, growing time, 3-4 days

    fenugreek - soaking time 8 hours, growing time 3-5 days

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