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I am having a small Xmas dinner prior to the big day and am in need interesting menu ideas. Since I am eastern european I thought it would be a nice change to offer a traditional american/canadian xmas meal. Only problem is, what do I serve? I need ideas for a menu that would be interesting and appealing to the senses. I am not too sure about bird substitutes and I think some of the diners would not appreciate an imitation turkey, so I need something different... if anybody has any ideas please offer them to the forum. And I hope I won't entice too many comments about Christmas and the slaughter of turkeys, etc. I hope there can be a nice exchange of recipe ideas.
Thank you.

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    Posted by Luiza at 12/07/09 19:16:26

    Oh this is sooo sad, I was hoping at least one person have a suggestion. What about soups, are there special soups to be served at Christmas?

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    Posted by Tatiana at 12/08/09 11:14:46

    I made a whole meal of macrobiotic vegan food last year for Christmas, let me see if I can find it and I'll get back to you. I know I did some squash, dressing, and a yummy pie. I don't think this will be "traditional", but it will offer many of those types of flavors.

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    Posted by Luiza at 12/10/09 18:38:22

    Thanks for the suggestions. The squash dishes sound yummy, I loove squash, especially baked. Tatiana, if you find your recipes I would love to see them. Thanks

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    Posted by mckenna at 12/10/09 06:46:54

    Usually ham is served as a main course during Christmas, none the less you could go with some casseroles (some call them hot dishes) tator tot hot dish is amazing, its as simple as a bag of tots (frozen), TONS of your favorite kind of cheese, and a can of green beans and bake in the at about 375 degrees for 40 to 60 mins.

    I have also made a corn casserole around Christmas and can't remember the recipe though it tasted amazing! The ingredients are cream cheese, frozen corn, and butter. Not the healthiest two dishes though...

    A great main dish would be egg plant parmesan. My boyfriends mother has made this for us in the past for Thanksgiving but I think it would be a great Christmas dinner. Sorry to say I don't know how to make it so maybe a little research.

    Sorry for the vague descriptions but I hope I could help with some ideas!


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    Posted by Truly at 12/10/09 10:30:57

    Most of the traditional American side dishes are already vegetarian so it's really just the turkey you need to replace. In the past I have made different kinds of stuffed squash dishes (butternut, acorn, etc.) as they look really festive and are pretty easy to make.

    Also, macaroni and cheese is simple but can be made really delicious and elegant (try googling Martha Stewart's recipe, for example).

    Good luck!


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    Posted by gr8vegan at 12/16/09 04:27:19

    We vegan it up every year for Xmas, we call it out Very Vegan Christmas Party! Its great to have warm dishes like (Baked/Mashed/ or Twice Baked) Potatos, Casserole, Green Beans, Salad, Rolls, Stew or Soup, doing up some seitan/phylo dough savory main and end with vegan pie and ice cream! have tons of fun drinks like sparkling ciders, peppermint soy milk, etc. I can go on forever!!! My favorite time of the year to be vegan!

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    Posted by Luiza at 12/16/09 17:44:14

    Thank you for the suggestions everyone, and thanks Tatiana for the links. I'm finalizing the menu right now and making shopping lists. I can't believe it's already next week, I'm excited, my daughter really wants to make gingerbread cookies, so we'll do that too, fun.
    Happy seasonal cooking and eating everyone.

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