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How can lemons be used raw?Salads,of course,and tea adding,as well known.Can they be used otherwise raw?I hear they are serious by health benefits

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    Posted by OrganicTampons at 07/19/17 06:31:05

    Lemons are great for overall health. But should be consumed in limitations. Apart for the regular lemonade you can sprinkle the juice in cooked vegetables, meat, fish, cooked pulses, etc for a slight tangy taste. u can also drink lemon infused water. Do not squeeze but cut thin slices of lemon and put it into the jar of water.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 07/19/17 10:28:51

    I lije to squeeze a little juice from a fresh lemon onto strips of non-gmo tofu with fresh herb seasonings and bake in the oven. Good source of protein.

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    Posted by KatieBush at 07/19/17 21:39:00

    I put them in my daily green smoothies, which are the best! They're also good in raw desserts like raw cheesecakes, etc. I would recommend the smoothie route. Lemon tahini dressing is really good, too!

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