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Being relatively new to raw foods, I have been looking for raw food resources and I found a good one. It’s at You can call in and hear information from raw food experts such as Dr. Gabriel Cousens and David Wolfe.

Also has anyone seen the trailer for the new film Raw for 30? It's a film about diabetics who eat a raw food diet for 30 days and how they reverse their diabetes. The trailer looks amazing! Take a look at

I'm eager to talk to anyone who is into raw foods and what his/her experience has been with raw foods.


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    Posted by peanut at 02/25/08 23:58:06

    Hi Josh! I did see the 30 day thing, amazing! I have a friend at work who is at least 475 lbs. and I'm always trying to help him find a way to lose the weight. He is now diabetic and it makes me sad, but I know it is an addiction. He has said he needs one on one help. This is when I wish that I was certified in this field b/c I don't know what is good for diabetics. I enjoy alot of fresh fruit in the morning and I have learned that some fruits are too sugary, for diabetics. Ahhh just frustrated. But i talk to him about the raw food thing alot, but I can't lecture b/c i'm not 100% raw. I'm about 1/2 but it's better than none. Thanx for the post.

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    Posted by Quasi Vegetarian at 08/10/08 19:03:02


    I have not seen the movie, but I have seen it in real life many times. I am a fruitairan and raw is the guideline for my way of life. Of course about 90+ of what I eat is fruit. I do steam squash and cauliflower. And a wee of steamed zucchini is really wonderful. But not much else do I cook.

    Over the years as I have talked with co-workers dealing with diabetes, blood sugar and blood pressure issues. cholesterol issues. Even sleeping disorders. I promise them if they will follow my advice in just two weeks they will see positive results. And those that have taken me up on it have never been disappointed.
    With two weeks they are feeling energized. Sleeping better and with in a month or so depending on their condition most of them are throwing away any meds they have been given and their doctors are amazed, but will not recognize the increases in health and wellness is a direct result of their eating habbits being modified.


    About your large friend. My nephew was so large he was dieing at the age of 32. Over 500 lbs. He lived by himself in the BIG CITY, about 45 minutes east of me. I asked him I may come and live with him for a wee and be his personal nutritionist and trainer. He agreed. Two years later he is a healthy 220+or- lbs. and maintaining it. (he stands 6'7" tall so 220 is a very reasonable weight) No more meds, no more doctors except for his annual checkup. His doctor is a wee more open minded than most, and when I explained to her what we were doing she took notes. Se followed up on his progress, and is now teaching this life choice to many of her clients, those that will listen. If you want me to give you a basic, for lack of better terms, "regiment" to help your friend. Please let me know. I am only too happy to help.

    Thank you both.


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