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Vegetarian and Blood Sugar Hi everyone. I am new to the site and to vegetarianism. I have been in good health most of my life, but recently my doctor told me I was border line diabetic. I know how terrible this disease can be and it scares me to death. Right now I am own a brown rice diet. This is my 2nd day. I have used this diet occasionally to loose weight and clean my system. I read a book years ago titled: You Are All Sanpanku by George Osaka. It is a macrobiotic approach to general good health, and this diet has always been helpful to me. My question is; do you think this diet will lower by blood sugar levels? Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much, Charlie Post Date: 10/20/14, Replies: 7
Skin care question? I have a question regarding my skin. I've been a vegan for about 5 months now. Almost the entire time my face has been broken out with acne. I've always had a problem with acne, but never to this extent! I thought that eliminating dairy would have a positive effect on my skin, but it seems to have made it worse! Has anyone else had a similar problem? Any suggestions of what I could add or eliminate from my diet? Without compromising my veganism of course! Post Date: 10/20/14, Replies: 20
Natural control of blood pressure I like any advice and direction that anyone could provide on natural ways to help lower high blood pressure. I'm a Vegan, and would greatly like to get off my pills and into natural and organic ways to keep my blood pressure down. I've just begun to use Yoga for stress reduction, and breathing for control, but anything additional I could do to get it under control would be greatly appreciated. Post Date: 10/20/14, Replies: 11
Reliable source of protein for vegan Hi,recently I have found out that legumes(except peanuts),soy,cereals,and some vegetables are moderate in purines which can cause uric acid so it is unlucky for vegans to have them in their diets every time.Those foods that are low in purines and high in protein are nuts, seeds and hempmilk only.Am I going to eat or drink only these foods to get protein everyday? Post Date: 10/20/14, Replies: 7
Hair Care My hair is so dry ... suggestions? Post Date: 10/20/14, Replies: 7
B12 Injections in GTA I know local pharmacies throughout the GTA carry cyanocobalamin. But I'm looking for either hydroxocobalamin or methylcobalamin injections that could be purchased in order to do intramuscular injections. I know naturopaths can administer them. Does anyone know of any store/website or natural health clinic here in Ontario/around the GTA that gives the right form of B12 to its clients in injection form? Post Date: 10/18/14, Replies: 0
A Diet of Sun Light and Water Have you been following the story of Navenna Shine? She's a 65 year old woman who lives in Seattle. She's trying to emulate an obscure group of yogis known as the Breatharians, who supposedly had the ability to live on nothing more than sun light. Ms. Shine is now 33 days into her diet and has lost 20 pounds. Her goal is to be on this diet for SIX MONTHS. What do you think? Post Date: 10/08/14, Replies: 12
How Do I Reduce Fiber without Reducing Pro I've been vegetarian for almost 9 months now, and have recently started getting cramped and bloated, with occasional constipation and rough stools. I believe this is because I'm getting too much fiber, but I'm having trouble finding ways to lower my fiber intake and still meet protein requirements. I'm male and weigh 193lbs, so I generally aim for 70g a day. Generally, I eat a lot of legumes, nuts, and whole grains, tons of veggies, and a good amount of eggs and dairy. I realize tofu is low in fiber, but I only rarely eat soy because my family has a history thyroid problems I generally don't eat much seitan, because I'm concerned with high intakes of gluten causing long term harm I know I could cut out some whole grains and eat simple grains and that would reduce some of my fiber, but also protein and other nutrients. I could eat more eggs and dairy, but that's not healthy either. So I'm still left with nuts and legumes being a primary protein source, both being really high in fiber. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Post Date: 10/08/14, Replies: 6
Rawfoodist hair I started my vegan life with a help of the following site: veganmarket.wordpress.com/ (by the way, have you heard about it? To me, it's a good startup - although the assortment is quite low - I've tried tofu and stevia there - quite decent, I'd like to say) So, back to the subject: not quite a lot time passed when I moved on to rawfoodism - everything was ok - until I started to loose my beautiful hair. I noticed that todays' morning - was extremely surprised - read some forums and found out that it is a usual practice - please, recommend me what to do? THANK YOU! Post Date: 10/05/14, Replies: 3
In need of Vegan friendly Midwife/OBGYN We are 9 weeks and have found no one in support of our diet. Lab tests are perfect. Her health is perfect. We just need support a healthy / no stress environment. If anyone knows of any midwives or OB's that are in Vermont, preferably in Chittenden County. Thanks in advanced!! ~Nick Post Date: 10/05/14, Replies: 1
Going Vegan-best thing I've ever done! Going Vegan was the best thing I have ever done! I have lost about 15 lbs so far and it keeps coming off, :) . And it wasn't even intentional! I went vegan for the animals. Its great I love it. :) Post Date: 07/30/14, Replies: 6
Trying to lose 10 pounds! I've been a vegan for 8 years, granted I'm only 21 and I'm not overweight. I've been trying to lose 10 pounds, from 130 to 120. It's so hard to seek advice on the issue because all the online sources simply say, "don't eat meat, don't eat dairy, don't eat wheat, don't eat processed foods" easy, I do that. I have even been avoiding beans for calories sake. I have a vegetable smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch, edamame / veggie burgers for dinner and fruit for snacks. How do I lose weight?? Post Date: 07/18/14, Replies: 8
Binge Eating Hi! As the title suggests, I've been developing that problem for almost 8 months now after I've become vegetarian or semi vegan now. I wonder why that happened since I never had any eating problems before. I can still maintain my weight and health by following raw foodism this far, but I can go back to vegetarianism because of binging. Does anyone have tips to break free from this? Thanks in advance. Post Date: 07/17/14, Replies: 5
Great Idea To Improve your diet Hello everyone. I am very interested in the study of vegetable-based recipes and have a balanced diet. It often happens to me when I cook, I have no recipes available,so I started to collect recipes that meet my needs. Since I'm a programmer, I developed a completely free application in which related nutrient intake values are shown. Please download and rate if, it would be really helpful for us to gather wider audience! Link To google Play. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alphacodelabs.vegetarianandvegandiet Like Us on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alpha-Code-Labs/617600321624434 Post Date: 06/30/14, Replies: 4
Prejudice Doctors So, I'm a vegan, have been for 4 years, and I got a blood test recently. The results came back and said I was not anaemic and not even deficient in anything. However, my doctor told me that being a vegan was "Not how humans are supposed to be" that we're "Not designed to be vegan" and has referred me to a dietician to discuss what I eat. Does the fact that my blood test was perfectly normal not show that veganism is a healthy lifestyle choice?! Does anyone else have this problem with healthcare? Should I complain or something? Help!! Post Date: 06/18/14, Replies: 10
HELP! I am soo confused! I have been vegetarian for over 7 years now, and I am now starting/trying to be vegan. I have been looking up things vegans can eat, vegan recipes, and hidden non-vegan ingredients. I have found 'vegan' recipes that use non-vegan ingredients! Like peanut butter or sugar. Some say to add soda instead of egg, but apparently soda isn't vegan either. I have found brands that were accidently vegan(on vegan sites) that also test on animals! I have also found brands that were accidently vegan(on vegan sites) that actually were not vegan! And this is all making it very difficult for me, please if you have any advice, I would love to read it. Post Date: 06/18/14, Replies: 10
Confused and Bewildered and discouraged I was going to start my first topic by writting "WTF", but wanted to be more reader friendly. Lol Anyway, just started eating primarily vegggie for 5 weeks. Juicing kale, granny apples, carrots, cucumbers and ginger for lunch (only) for past 5 weeks and but have not lost a single pound and my belly is still big, or maybe bigger! WTH (heck)! I change to monk fruit from sugar; been drinking green tea w/ lemon only, 1x per day; stopped eating red meat for 3 weeks straight; I even stopped eating bagels! In general, I've been eating healthier and expected to lose a lot of weight and belly by now. FYI, the juicing is without the pulp and not organic. I figured I still would have lost some weight regardless. Any thoughts what I may be doing wrong? Post Date: 06/18/14, Replies: 4
Got sick right afte becoming vegan. Right after I became vegan, I got sick. I don't think its relevant, but my family does, and I would like to prove them wrong, any subjections? Post Date: 06/18/14, Replies: 12
gaining weight being vegetarian Hope you don't mind, but will copy a post I sent to my new weight loss group - sorry it's LONG: Hope there are enough fellow vegetarians/vegans to answer this. I became vegan about 8 months ago. Within 3 months, I had gained 10 lbs. and was hypothyroid (was already on meds. and had been stable for years). Yes, I relied heavily on soy for my protein. So then I switched to vegetarian so I could use dairy/eggs for my protein, as I am not such a fan of beans/legumes that I ate enough daily to suffice. In 5 months I gained another 10 pounds! I have used Loseit for a week (love it, BTW). Was under my daily calories 5 out of 7 days and have lost NOTHING. The My Nutrition section has shown that I eat a lot of (healthy) fats and (healthy) carbs. It is VERY hard to get enough protein. My husband does not share my views so, after making his meal I usually don't have time to do a decent one for me, too. I feel horrible to do so, but I am thinking of trying my old, lean meat-eating diet for a week to see if it makes a difference. I only needed to lose 5 lbs. before becoming vegan. I am 55, do take bioidentical hormones (although they may need slight adjusting), thyroid meds, and am fairly active as I have horses and dogs. Has anyone else gained weight being vegetarian? Post Date: 06/17/14, Replies: 9
Good Diet To Follow? Hello, I really want to look for a great healthy flexible diet plan to fit my lifestyle, I’m going on vacation in about a 30 days and i really want to lose some weight. Does anybody know of a good diet that’s not in order to hard to follow? I work out regarding 4 days a week and often more if i can find time, please let me know! Thank You!! Post Date: 06/04/14, Replies: 1
Studio City vegan chef Anyone available to cook & deliver an organic, vegetarian meal 2X week to someone in Studio City? Post Date: 04/12/14, Replies: 0
vegan/vegetarians for questionnaire please Hi everyone, i'm a nutrition student in my final year of university. My final project is about the eating similarities and differences of vegetarians, vegans and omnivores. For this i require as many vegans and vegetarians as possible who are female and fit into the age category of 18-50. If you are can you please complete my questionnaire, it will take around 5 minutes and will help a lot. Here is the link freeonlinesurveys.com/app/rendersurvey.asp?sid=bytxpfnoqp6c705412760&refer=www%2Efacebook%2Ecom thanks, hannah Post Date: 02/12/14, Replies: 0
vegan esthetic medicine? Hello friends, I have 2 questions that I couldn't find any answer in internet. My main concern is not my physical appearance, but after health issues it's also important for me and for showing that vegan life it's never disadvantage... 1. ¿How to fight flaccid skin? 2. ¿Somebody know about some brand of hyaluronic acid and botox injectable that are not testet on animals? I'm really interested in the second question because I could have cheap or free acces to that... thank u very much ^^ Post Date: 09/16/13, Replies: 1
Colon Cleansing Question. I am new to a vegetarian diet....how much rotten meat may i expect to eliminate? And does the ingestion of the occasional insect by accident upset the karma? Post Date: 08/30/13, Replies: 5
PCRM Food For Life Instructor Lisa Karlan Tuesday, July 30th from 1-2 pm PST please join me on Animal Issues with Dr. Armaiti May via http://adrenalineradio.com/shows/168-the-vegan-vet where I'll be interviewing Lisa Karlan, a Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Food for Life Instructor who will be sharing some important facts about plant-based eating and lifestyle choices for optimum health and quality of life. Past shows are available to download from http://adrenalineradio.com/podcasts/archives/viewcategory/437-animal-issues. ~Armaiti May, DVM Post Date: 08/28/13, Replies: 2
Transitioning: Detox? Hello, Ive been transitioning to full vegan for a small amount of time. But I feel like crap! Im wondering if its possible Im going through a withdrawal/detox phase? Post Date: 08/15/13, Replies: 1
Dairy and breast cancer A link between dairy consumption and breast cancer? www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-171377/A-change-diet-cured-cancer.html www.rense.com/general35/av.htm Post Date: 05/16/13, Replies: 0

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