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What type of vitamans does a Lacto-ovo Vegetarian need to take.......Any Suggestions...

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    Posted by Tatiana at 05/21/08 15:32:06

    It depends on your particular situation, but as long as you're eating a fairly balanced diet there is not usually a specific vitamin or mineral supplement you'd particularly need. I would recommend a general multivitamin with minerals (and you may want one with iron in it). Make sure you find a vegan one, though. Even if you choose to use eggs/dairy, many supplements are made with animal products such as gelatin, so be careful. Also, if you get less than 3-4 calcium sources a day, I'd recommend a calcium plus D supplement as well. Hope that helps, and of course, for more complete recommendations or to find out if you have any specific needs, talk to your doctor or local registered dietitian.

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    Posted by SPREAD LOVE at 05/21/08 17:34:17

    Thanks so much for the info....

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 05/22/08 03:04:48

    Give most medical doctors & local registered dietitians a very wide berth.

    "Calcium deficiency" is a big myth - do not waste any of your money on supplements.

    Get a copy of the "Eating" DVD - preview it here -

    Fresh fruits - plus raw & steamed veggies - plus good quality whole grains have kept me alive & well for the past 30 years.

    Consuming eggs & dairy is a little like playing "Russian Roulette" with your health.

    "Spread Love" to cows & chickens!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 05/22/08 09:16:17

    Johnny - Women also have much higher calcium needs than men. I just noted if she does not get her 3-4 servings. You can get plenty of calcium from leafy greens, nuts, fortified soy/rice, etc milks, and beans. If you are eating a well balanced diet you likely won't need specific supplements (which I mentioned above), but I just mentioned the most commonly needed ones for women. Also, a large number of calcium supplements are completely vegan!

    I would also agree about wasting money. Be very careful with buying supplements and only buy what you need. A lot of people out there will tell you need all sorts of things you don't, and too much can hurt you as well!

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 05/22/08 12:40:28

    The most obvious & certainly the kindest recommendation to a lacto / ovo consumer who desires good health is "kick dairy" - not lines of gobbledegook about ingesting supplements & seeing dieticians / doctors.

    You guys are living in the US - with good access to fresh produce - be very careful to buy yummy fruits & veggies - be very careful not to buy supplements.


    "Women also have much higher calcium needs than men." - maybe - but not from pills!

    Here is some good calcium info - " Any positive effect that calcium supplements may have on bone health come from their antacid effects (not the calcium). For example, the popular antacid, TUMS, is recommended for prevention of bone loss. TUMS is an antacid made of calcium and carbonates. The alkaline carbonates neutralize dietary acids and stop the bone loss. The same bone building effects from acid neutralizing occurs when baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) or potassium bicarbonates are fed to people.

    Those who rely on calcium supplements or dairy products for stronger bones are destined to disappointment. The answer to strong bones for a lifetime is a diet based on alkaline foods—vegetables and fruits. Exercise and an active life have a very positive influence." - from

    Some more "juice" -

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    Posted by Tatiana at 05/22/08 13:56:23

    Johnny - the best way to get your nutrients is from foods, yes!! I absolutely agree. and I also agree with choosing plant sources for calcium.

    My perspective, as a professional in the field, is that everyone is different and I do not want to alienate or push my, or others' opinions or beliefs onto someone. If someone came into my office and said "I'm a lacto ovo vegetarian and would like info on supplements", if I respond with "you need to become vegan and never take any supplements", they would walk out of my office and never listen to a word I said. I did mention plant sources of calcium, and did say that it was preferential to taking supplements.

    I always mention seeing a doctor or dietitian because I sorta have to, so that people know they can't just rely on what they read on a website to make them healthy or fix their problems. Of course, it would be most helpful to see a dietitian with a specialty in vegetarian diets. There is a whole dietitians professional group for vegetarianism (which I am part of). And by the way, how is it gobbledegook and you reference a doctor? I think the point is to find a professional that understands the vegetarian diet.

    I just don't want you to turn this into a "dairy is bad" thread. That was not the point, and I never encouraged dairy intake in the first place. I think we've definitely discussed that in many other places and have fully agreed on the matter.
    I merely answered a question posed by a member of the forums.

    By the way Johnny, I hope sometime to meet you in person, I think we could have some great chats and debates over some great food!

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 05/22/08 15:42:43

    Agreed! - on all points!

    Your office must be a fun place!

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    Posted by cynthia387 at 11/11/08 23:02:26

    Deleted by Moderator.

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    Posted by HM at 11/15/08 08:33:51

    make sure you are getting your calcium from sources other than milk though, because to think that milk really does do your body good for your bones is a farce. This is a fact. Milk is meant for an animal with 5 stomachs for one. Also the calcium, though it has been pushed on humans to the point that their body has figured out a way to at least try to tolerate it, it is a lie that it helps prevent osteoporosis. Look up Milk Myths.
    one... there's a lot more out there. I'm half asleep so looking up the one I got a long time ago from In Defense of Animals is stored in my still asleep memory.
    and here's another silly vegan myth page:

    As a vegan, the ONLY time I ever take any supplement is MAYBE during the winter. Vitamin D. I reat a very balanced diet, and get at least 20 minutes of direct sunlight a day, which is all your body needs (direct... not direct over spf) for vitamin D. But I live in Portland and there are times when I'm going to go days without during the winter time.
    I don't even take B vitamins, get those from nutritional yeast, and my check ups with the doc are always very level.
    Anyway, just be careful. People that take vitamins often lead a not so healthy life, as they lean on those for their nutrients when it should be coming from their food first.

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    Posted by tankumo at 03/01/09 23:15:24

    Anyone heard of chia seed? I heard their nutrition value is incredible, it has many more nutrients than meat, check it out.

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    Posted by truffle at 11/17/10 15:55:01

    Would this work for a lactose-intolerant like myself?

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    Posted by AndyT at 11/19/10 04:53:52

    The answer to the question is easy in my opinion.

    Stop consuming milk and eggs, and you will be much healthier. You should take Vitamin B12 supplements, however (e.g. the VEG-1 formula that is completely vegan)

    Best regards,

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    Posted by Heidi B. at 11/19/10 09:34:07

    If you're eating a diet with lots of fruit, vegetables (including leafy greens), the only two vitamins I would recommend are Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D.

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