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Hi everyone. I am new to the site and to vegetarianism. I have been in good health most of my life, but recently my doctor told me I was border line diabetic. I know how terrible this disease can be and it scares me to death. Right now I am own a brown rice diet. This is my 2nd day. I have used this diet occasionally to loose weight and clean my system. I read a book years ago titled:
You Are All Sanpanku by George Osaka. It is a macrobiotic approach to general good health, and this diet has always been helpful to me. My question is; do you think this diet will lower by blood sugar levels? Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you so much,


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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 02/08/10 19:12:39

    It is by George Oshawa - the John Lennon cartoon for 'Seed' magazine - becoming 'fast' -

    Not sure about blood sugar levels but I have been following parts of it since the early 80's & it works for me!

    Aisumasen (I'm Sorry)
    from the album Mind Games

    When I'm down really yin
    And I don't know what I'm doing Aisumasen Yoko All I had to do was call your name

    And when I hurt you and cause you pain Darling I promise I won't do it again

    Aisumasen Yoko It's hard enough I know just to feel your own pain

    All that I know is just what you tell me All that I know is just what you show me

    When I'm down real sanpaku
    And I don't know what to do
    Aisumasen Yoko san All I had to do was call your name Yes, all I had to do was call your name

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    Posted by purrgirl at 04/18/10 14:01:48

    CHarlie,I have been a veg/vegan for 20 years and I just recently found out I am diabetic (not borderline- I am diabetic). It is genetic Type 2 and i am skinny not overweight.In short, being on a low carb diet has helped me (along with meds) but that means no white rice, breads (unless low carb), potatoes, pasta...those are all refined carbs. Some diabetics can handle whole wheat pastas, brown rice etc but many can not. If you want to keep out of the diabetic range of sugars, you might have to give all these up. Also portions are very important. Most people pile on the food and the portions are way out of control and thing like rice and pasta (even the brown and whole wheat varieties) are high in carbs even in single serving sizes (and the single serving sizes of those are unbelievablely small). You can get an OTC blood sugar montior at a drug store and test your blood sugar levels two hours after you eat anything and right before you eat. This gives you an idea of how what you are eating and how much you are eating effects your blood sugar. If you are overweight, esp. tummy fat, try to get rid of that. That is one of the biggest factors in diabetes if your diabetes in life-style related. Unfortunately, being a vegetarian does not guarantee you not to get any of the bad diseases nowaday. I am proof of that. But since you are borderline you can get going to take precautions now. I was scared too at the beginning but once you learn the diet and take the need meds (if you need too) it isn't all that bad. Keeping your daily sugars low to ward off any chance of diabetes complication is your goal. Being a veg/vegan, you might be interested in Dr Neil Barnards book on diabetes. He advoacates a low fat, vegan diet for diabetes. I haven't read it yet but since I am alredy a vegan I know I am on the better diet already. I dont' think macrobiotic is the way to go for this - the veggies are low carb but too much rice is probably not a good idea. Portions are. I go on the forum site: It is not a veg site but there are vegs on there and everyone is very helpful and excepting. There is a forum for pre-diabetes on there. I hope I helped you. Good luck! purrgirl

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    Posted by Tatiana at 04/19/10 10:53:15

    The Dr Bernard's diabetes stuff is amazing and is based on good science. He has lots of stuff available, great recommendation!

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    Posted by cvxmelody at 04/19/10 20:29:13

    I'm sure low carb diet is important to keep the blood sugars down. Exercising (even just a brisk walk) shortly after a meal will also help.

    Some other options to consider:-
    * Gymnema Sylvestre and Banaba Tea can help lower blood sugars as they have insulin-like effects

    * Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements can regulate BSL, and prevent some diabetic complications like diabetic polyneuropathy. They are available in capsule form.

    * Supplements like bilberry or eye complex (Zinc, Vit E etc.) to ward off eye complications

    * Vit B1 supplements may be a good idea too since levels are very low in diabetics

    * Hawthorn is very good for peripheral circulation (available as tablets), it opens up the blood vessels, also acts as a tonic for the heart

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    Posted by xplr60 at 05/11/12 02:48:23

    hi friends,
    There are numerous health benefits of being a vegetarian, here you can find information and articles about both vegan and vegetarian benefits….
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    Posted by happycowgirl at 05/11/12 11:14:39

    I can only speak from personal experience. As a vegetarian, I liked my ice cream and cheese. I was vegan in all other regards but I couldn't give up my ice cream and cheese. As the years went on, my A1C's got worse. (A1C is a blood test used to diagnose diabetes that reflects your average blood sugar levels for the past 3 months). Diabetes runs strong in my family. My doctor said I was borderline diabetic and if I didn't do something, with my family history it was just a matter of time.

    So I did something. I went vegan. I had to quit ice cream and cheese cold turkey. My addiction was so strong that just a sip of a shake or slice of cheese would send me right back to the starting line. In two weeks I suffered through the dairy withdrawal symptoms and was fine. There was no going back. Almost immediately I felt the benefits. It was like having your shackles taken off. It was so freeing. I have never felt such an extraordinary feeling of health before. I've done triathlons. They didn't compare. This was the ultimate feeling of health.

    After just three months of being vegan I went in for another blood test. MY A1C LEVELS WERE COMPLETELY NORMAL. I WAS A NON-DIABETIC. After 6 months I went in for another blood test. My A1C levels are now on the low side in the normal range! My doctor said, "If I just looked at your profile I would have no idea you have such a strong family history of diabetes. Keep doing what you're doing and you will never have diabetes."

    So to all my animal-loving friends reading this, my advice is to just eliminate dairy. If you need motivation, read my other posts about the horrible lives of dairy cows, how they are constantly kept pregnant and what happens to their babies. Go vegan, my friends. See if you have the incredibe luck that I did.

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    Posted by Helen Woodard at 10/20/14 14:38:25

    Vegetarian diets are often lower in calories than are nonvegetarian diets, which can help with weight management.
    A healthy body weight can improve blood sugar control and reduce your risk of diabetes complications.

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