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Many vegetarians and vegans have come to me and asked what they should be using to increase their daily protein intake given their strict dietary constraints. Soy has been a leading source of protein for years, but we have now found other protein alternatives that are great tasting and offer excellent amino acid profiles to form complete proteins without the health concerns associated with soy.

Powdered protein products are now available on the market that can take the place of soy, including pea protein isolates, rice protein concentrates, and hemp protein powders. Pea and rice proteins typically contain 80-90% protein per serving, with an amino acid profile that is easily comparable to a standard whey protein powder. Hemp protein will contain an average of 50-70% protein, but is also high in naturally-occurring omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.

These materials are excellent additives to take on their own as a protein shake, or they can be added to baked goods of smoothies to help meet daily protein requirements. Vegan protein powders can be found through select online retailers and in most wholefoods and nutrition outlets.

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    Posted by AMOREASHOP at 12/17/11 21:46:35

    My observation of protein powders is this, whey, meaning milk/dairy if not organic is probably from cows who get hormones and some study stated this could be problematic to the liver. Soy unless organic is probably GMO and who knows what frankenfoods will do. The other issue with protien powders is related to the term, "chopped," meaning all the other stuff they put in it. Then, we can ask where did those added vitamins and fillers come from, what lab, where and what else does it have in it? I heard a lot of conventional Vitamin C actually has corn, (probably GMO) and other fillers in it. "Natural Flavors," is another mixed opinion in my book, cause it could have multiple wierd ingredients in it. So, check out what we got for you, the real pure foods, cause were in it for your health, real health! See below.

    We put together a site with some of the best foods available, not for some business, but for you and all your friends and loved ones to feel and be the most amazing being you can be! We offer probably one of the best raw protien powders in the world! Check us out, if you like, at amoraeashop dot com.

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    Posted by debbo2 at 12/19/12 08:04:42

    Vega brand is vegan

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    Posted by louis at 10/24/14 17:10:24

    I use Sun Warrior 'Warrior Blend' Vanilla.I sometimes add cocoa to it if I fancy chocolate flavour for a change.It blends well with water.I've also tried and liked Plantfusion and Nature's Whey.

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