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Namaste, I am a recent "convert" to veganism, many factors drew me towards it - health social awareness and it just made sense that it the real way I should eat.

I am 44 and recently underwent a lower back surgery. I was 80lbs overweight before the surgery and when I "converted" to vegan lost 20 the two months prior to surgery. Fortunately the surgery was successful but I'm in a bit of pain which can be expected. However I know that extra 60lb I still have I need to permanently leave my body would help my back feel and recover better. With the healing I have going and the meds I am on I am limited to what I can do.

Anyone have any thoughts the best approach to go about shedding the weight healthily. Been thinking a green smoothie fast fair a while or a mix of smoothies / raw salads / and bean soup.

I'm a real newbie to this and looking for advice! Don't want too screw up the surgery plus really would feel better is I was not overweight.

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    Posted by ankacitah at 06/18/15 12:43:18

    for back pains , my suggestions is> do some exercise and find an pranic healer or smt similar

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    Posted by anahidscv at 06/24/15 12:18:22

    Watch,"fat sick and nearly dead" its on netflix. Its an excellent documentary and very very motivating. If you are at home and not working, it will make it easier to follow. Believe me, if you follow the juicing advice in this documentary, you will surely lose weight and feel great. I know someone personally that tried after having a baby which she had gained weight, and lost a lot of weight. I too have back pain and know how that feels. Good luck to you.

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    Posted by Alyssasmithsweet at 07/12/15 03:04:59

    You may want to try some vegan omega 3s. I know that helps with joints and pain...Best wishes to you!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/12/15 04:47:23

    I make my own salad dressings, built around a base of organic Flax Seed Oil. I rarely miss a day without having a moderate to large salad made up of from three to ten different veggies and fruit.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 06/15/17 23:46:52

    My favorite way to loose weight fast is to travel around India going to temples and ruins, riding the trains, as a vegan. You will get great Thali plates occasionally, and you will only eat some fruit or have to fast other days. In a few months, I lost 40 pounds without suffering. The fasting fits in with the temples and the sights. The Tibetans serve vegetable Momos and vegetable Thukpa when all the Hindu places use Ghee if you travel in the north.

    For weight control:

    1. Measure the rice you eat. Eat limited amounts of starch.

    2. Measure the amount the amount of oil you eat. Oil is in everything. Eat limited amounts of oil.

    3. Measure the amount of sugar you eat. Sugar is in everything. Eat limited amounts of sugar.

    4. Replace regular sugar with organic coconut sugar or organic date sugar. They at least have some health benefit and are lower in their glycemic index. This is to say, they do not spike your sugar levels as much and so do not cause as much fat to form.

    5. Do not eat 'mock' tofu styled meats because they are loaded with oil and starch and calories.

    6. Sleep on your right side, close your mouth when you sleep and breath only through your nose and listen to your breath when you sleep. Sleep Apnea is a co arising syndrome with too much weight. Do not snore, do not grind your teeth and do not fill your lungs with air when you sleep, rather inhale and exhale as you do during waking hours. You can see a doctor to get help for this. Meditation also directs attention to breath and helps in breath control during sleep. Overweight people gain weight at their throat area and do not breath correctly during sleep which causes an insulin response and fat formation.

    7. Eat bitters. Cumin tea with lemon in the morning one hour before eating is good. There are other bitters available through Medical Herbology. Bitters help digestion to be more efficient and train us to reject sugars and sweets. Medical Herbology also can help with weight loss. There are herbs that make you feel full, hate sweets, speed up the metabolism and improve digestion.

    8. Drink only water or measured vegetable juices. Sweet juices and sodas have more calories. Get a good calorie chart and limit your calories. Ask your doctor how many calories to have daily.

    For Pain Control and Physical Therapy:

    1. See a state licensed Medical Herbalist. Medical Herbology has a store house of vegan herbs that control pain, are anti inflammatory and have no side effects. Medical Herbology also can help with weight control.

    2. Keep moving and do house chores and continue walking.

    3. See a state licensed acupuncturist Tell your physical therapist that you are doing this. Also tell your regular doctor. Tell the acupuncturist your entire health history and the specifics of your surgery.

    4. Tell your regular doctor if you choose to work with this type of vegan medicine. Some doctors practice both and this is called integrative medicine. Herbs can work with your pills and can replace them but you must tell the herbalist Doctor your full health history including all your prescriptions, and then tell your regular doctor your herbs.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 06/20/17 21:49:34

    I too am suffering with severe back pain and over the years it has gotten worse. It is frustrating that my primary care doctor, doesn't know much but to only want to prescribe pain killers. I have a day job that I sit all day, which makes it worse. My doctor(s) have always been against surgery, as they say its not successful. My problem is lower back, degenerative disc disease (osteoarthritis). Message therapy makes it manageable as well as going to the gym. I am very afraid that I will be crippled or wheel chair bound soon. I really hate taking pain killers, so I suck it up. Now, just this year, it is affecting my sleep, as I feel tremendous amount of pain. Is this the back problem you had? I had assumed being vegan for 5 years, I would have minimized this type of back problems, but it hasn't.

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    Posted by Hootinthehouse at 08/11/17 17:17:27

    Hey friend,

    Head over to amazon and order a copy of Healing Back Pain by Dr. John Sarno. That man literally saved my life. I used to be bedridden, in pain all of the time. That book gave me everything back.

    Let me know if you have any questions,


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