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I have recently become a vegan (less than a month), and was wondering what changes to expect from this transition as far as hair, skin, weight, bm, pms, mood etc. I'm a fairly active 24 year old female. I know all experiences will vary and each one depends on a lot of variables, but nonetheless, I would like to hear what others experienced and how they handled it. Thanks.

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    Posted by shearwater at 04/07/10 18:00:15

    Hi April!

    Congratulations on going vegan. I went vegan 10 years ago (vegetarian 23 years ago) and it's been a totally positive experience, especially health.

    You are right, experiences will vary and also depend on your health now. I always recommend eating a healthy diet. Too many vegans don't. Being vegan cuts out a lot of bad foods but it won't help if you live on junk or aren't paying attention to proper nutrition.

    When I went vegetarian I was already eating a very healthy diet (with relatively little meat) so I transitioned rather easily. As a vegetarian I was mostly vegan anyway so going full vegan was easy too.

    Although I was healthy before I have noticed improvements in areas where I did have minor health issues (we all have some). I also noticed an increase in energy. I have had no bad experiences.

    When I hear of people having problems transitioning I question their diet as well as other areas that effect health like exercise. I find it very easy to be vegan and to get all the nutrients I need.

    Good Luck and Have Fun

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    Posted by VeganMainstream at 06/13/10 13:34:39

    Most vegans attribute weight loss and clearer skin to going vegan. You might detox a little bit if you switch to a high fresh fruit/veggie vegan diet, which would mean headaches and feeling a little sick. Not everyone goes through this though. It's a unique experience for everyone! Good luck!

    ~ Katie

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    Posted by DietTips at 08/14/10 04:34:04

    humm... after listening all of you guys I'm thinking to go for vegan. In this summer vacation I will plan go to vegan with my wife.

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    Posted by chrystanthem at 01/21/11 05:03:41

    everyone is different, but here are my experiences.
    I gained some weight (finally! I'm not underweight anymore!), got clearer skin, got rid of my tummy troubles (I had a very sensitive stomach), I have more energy, I'm happier and feel much better with myself.

    people always ask me how I get my nutrients, but honestly it's not as hard as they think! ;)

    Good luck!

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    Posted by ionicwoman at 01/23/11 16:00:06

    One or two standard pieces of advice- When cutting out meat,dairy or eggs, be conscious of protein requirements- so eat nuts, grains, tofu, beans,mushrooms. Because you may be quitting meat,dairy or egg due to their containing antibiotics,hormones or pesticides, be conscious of eating organic, what ever you eat. Veggies that are organic will taste better and be soooo worth the few extra nickels. If you can grow it so much the better- the life of Mother Earth is in the freshly picked foods!
    You may be surprised to find your intuition,memory,moods all improve. Your body will have more energy and less illness. The benefits grow throughout the years.

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    Posted by aldisdavis at 01/27/11 19:59:16

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    Posted by LeeleeHarrison at 06/06/11 06:57:10

    Edited by moderator to include full version from another post to condense:

    I have been a vegetarian for close to ten years, cutting out red meat and poultry, eggs and milk. When I moved to the Midwest I took up eating poultry again because I wasn't strong enough to follow a good diet, and I knew vegetarians weren't favored out here. I gave up chicken again two years ago, although after the death of my mother two and a half years ago and through the recent death of my father, ALOT of bad things went into my body, for comfort came first for quite a while. So, I finally went all the way vegan about a month ago, for dietary and moral reasons. I am keeping The Kind Diet and Skinny Bitch close at all times, and to be honest, Skinny Bitch is my new Bible! I have even lost sixteen pounds! However, I have always prided myself on not getting sick-now, in the one month since I have become vegan, I have come down with a fever twice-a fever, with some achiness, and shortness of breath. I believe/am praying that this is the result of the inevitable detoxification I have been experiencing. I remember reading about this kind of thing in a book I bought about juicing and detoxification. Although I had always considered myself pretty healthy, I now know I still have 37 years of bad information to get out of my system, if you know what I mean. Am I correct in my assumption? I plan to find a hollistic doctor, but in the meantime, I thought I would reach out to fellow vegans...

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    Posted by Tatiana at 06/06/11 12:46:52

    LeeleeHarrison, thank you for posting. I cut/pasted your fuller entry above from the other post and deleted the extra topic you posted since you posted it here as well. Welcome aboard and hope you enjoy the site!

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    Posted by LeeleeHarrison at 06/06/11 15:01:17

    Thank you Tatiana-I was pretty confused in the beginning! I think I have this site figured out now! XO

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    Posted by brayden22 at 09/07/11 00:05:46

    Rice and beans are high protien, Lentils even more. Someone would have to have a seriously out-of-tune diet to have such problems.
    Meat obtained protien are second-hand protien and our bodies to not take full advantage of them.

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    Posted by metabolic at 10/12/11 05:11:58

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    Posted by janice_dale at 03/05/12 23:54:27

    It is good to hear that you are more aware of what you eat.You prefer to be vegan rather than eating meat. It is very good choice since you are eating healthy foods. You can eat tofu, fish since it is also contains protein.Aside from the fact that you will lose weight for this, skin complexion becomes lighter.

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    Posted by shearwater at 03/06/12 21:14:31

    Vegans don't eat fish. Vegetarians don't eat fish. Fish are animals and vegans and vegetarians eat NO meat. Considering the toxins in fish and the state of our depleted oceans I don't see why even meat eaters would want to eat fish.

    Protein is rarely a concern for someone eating a healthy vegan diet as it is readily available in a wide variety of plant foods.

    Plus, switching to a vegan diet doesn't automatically mean you will lose weight. You still have to choose healthy foods. You may even gain weight if you were previously underweight.

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