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I quit eating meat two weeks ago. I do still have some milk, butter and I use honey, so I guess I'm a vegetarian. Does any one remember getting headaches at first?? Also I feel very tired all of the time. The diet I am following is Ayurvedic. I don't know...just have a headache most of the time and am tired all of the time!! Help anyone??

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    Posted by Tatiana at 09/30/07 21:27:45

    Sounds like you are lacking something. What that might be it's hard to say without looking at everything you're eating, but, the common culprits are iron and/or protein when people first go vegetarian. It's not persay that you aren't eating meat but that you aren't eating the right foods for a balanced diet to get all the vitamins/minerals, etc you were getting from meat. If you are very concerned it may be helpful to also ask your doctor or dietitian.

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    Posted by toxiegirll at 10/01/07 05:04:05

    I had a headache the first week or two after going Vegan, you are not lacking anything it is withdrawl from all the chemicals they put into your meat, so think of your headaches as a blessing. You are getting rid of all those chemicals and toxins that make you physically addicted to those products.

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    Posted by Healthy at 10/01/07 15:39:12

    Could be withdrawl. I gave up meat 20 years ago, don't remember headaches at the time, but a month ago I gave up milk, fish, cheese and eggs to be vegan and I felt incredibly tired ... then I started taking a vegan multiple and a vegan B-12 ... and I feel fantastic.

    Maybe stick it out a little bit more and if things don't improve, go to a holistic doctor you trust that supports your vegan lifestyle.

    Good luck and let us know what happens :)

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 10/02/07 09:30:17

    Eat more apples / plums / fibre - detox, detox, detox - completely drop the cow juice products unless you have families of blissfully HappyCows near where you live where the little boys are not being murdered.

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    Posted by davenport4 at 07/02/09 10:57:12

    One does not want to discount the psychological part of this.

    I know of many people transitioning over, or wanting but just cannot get past their feeling of need for meat, their brainwashing through the years of being told you need MEAT PROTEIN, and the gluttony of all of them -- they miss the flavor and the taste, and no one will take that from them.

    I have been a veggie for 15 years and I remember the first six months. I had a burger right in front of me, but I knew how I would feel for the next five days after I ate it. I said, "NO!. I don't want to feel horrible anymore."

    Will power and the honesty to one self that you really want to change your life.

    I then began researching and reading and found what I should eat and waht I should not.


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