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I started my vegan life with a help of the following site: (by the way, have you heard about it? To me, it's a good startup - although the assortment is quite low - I've tried tofu and stevia there - quite decent, I'd like to say)

So, back to the subject: not quite a lot time passed when I moved on to rawfoodism - everything was ok - until I started to loose my beautiful hair. I noticed that todays' morning - was extremely surprised - read some forums and found out that it is a usual practice - please, recommend me what to do?

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    Posted by elfmaiden713 at 08/15/13 18:09:53

    I hope that your hair has stopped falling out by now, but I want to add this in case anyone else reads this post. If your hair starts falling out, add more protein to your diet IMMEDIATELY. Hair is made up almost entirely of protein, but it is low on your body's list of priorities. Only when you eat enough protein to power your organs and maintain your muscles will your body generate more hair. If your hair is falling out, it means you aren't eating enough protein to maintain it. Please take care to eat enough of all the essential nutrients!

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    Posted by SissyMaeApple at 04/19/14 17:54:58

    Probably need to add healthy fats..... extremely low fat diets will cause hair loss!

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    Posted by J and J at 10/05/14 19:28:18

    I am not raw, but a friend and role model is, . From what she is writing, losing hair could be a part of detoxing, but if it continues and if you just want peace of mind you could get your blood levels and vitamin levels checked. I would contact Kristina and ask her opinion. Good luck! It's really important to make sure you are eating ENOUGH. That is my understanding of healthy raw diets: base on fruit, eat many, many greens, and let nuts and seeds be a small treat. You'll find your health.

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