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Hi, everyone! I just wanted to post an update on the progress of our Plant-based Health Study going on. Today is day 16 and we have successfully gotten all of our participants past the 2 week mark without losing anyone! Yay! Some have had their ups and downs with the transition but we are doing our best to support them through all parts.

For those of you who are not aware, I am a physician in the L.A area who advocates a plant-based diet. I am currently doing a quantitative health study on the benefits of a plant-based diet (vegan). If you would like to learn more please visit my blog/site. The parameters of the study are all listed as well as all the participants and their respective stories.

They have all switched from either a SAD or a vegetarian diet to a Vegan one and are doing so for 60 days as we measure various health parameters.

Each one of our participants health info including labs are posted on the site for full transparency purposes! Additionally, the participants are blogging several times a week (on their pages) about their experiences (hence the above mentioned ups and downs!). I'm sure they would love your support and kind words if you should decide to stop by. They have been telling me the comments on their pages help to keep them going on tough days. =)

We will be doing our 30 day testing coming up in a week and a half and we are excited to see and post those results to compare to our baselines as soon as they are available.

Hope everyone is well! I love this site! Jenna

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