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Hi there,

I recently went vegan about 2 weeks ago now and over the last 2 days I have suddenly been having some extreme physical anxiety symptoms.

Has anybody else experienced the same thing? How long does it last and can I do anything to help it?

Thank you.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 05/13/16 04:48:28

    All four of my dictionaries describe "anxiety" as a psychological condition. It can manifest into physical experience such as an upset stomach.

    A psychologist would have questions for you such as...when do you feel this anxiety, what are your motivations for becoming a vegan, and are you unsure of your reasoning or embarrassed by it?

    The solution may be in reading books that support your decision to go vegan or simply hanging out with a vegan or two...

    Of course, one must also ask if the vegan diet that you've chosen is actually a healthy vegan diet.

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    Posted by patcee at 10/01/16 01:30:55

    I need to be around some vegans, as I am new to the diet, too. So I am going to attend the Herbivore Festival they are having in Yucaipa Sunday to get more information and hopefully hear the experiences of some vegans. Perhaps there is something like this where you are if you are feeling kind of alone in your decision. You can use google to try to find events taking place. I have no friends who are interested in a healthy way of living and get no real support from my family. I think it will be good to see there are many others living a vegan or vegetarian life.

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    Posted by mmccance at 10/02/16 00:04:05

    I became a vegan recently and I've experience anxiety at different times in my life. Sometimes it comes simply from my mindset or the pressure in my life -- but there are also foods that cause certain people to experience anxiety. I have found that if I begin eating anything that is fermented (alcohol, pickles, yogurt, kombucha, etc.) on a daily basis I will soon be having low levels of anxiety. If I don't stop eating them, it just gets worse and worse. I discovered that it comes from lactic acid that is found in fermented foods. I can have them for about three days with no problems but no more than that. So I don't have to eliminate them, I just have to keep them at a minimum. I also just finished 21 days of eating only potatoes with a group call Spudtember and I noticed that by the middle of the third week I was getting anxious. That is why I stopped before the 30 day goal. As soon as I switched to Ezekial bread and sweet potatoes with other vegetable, things calmed down again. There are only a few of us out there that respond this way, but I am one of them. Perhaps you are too. Have you been eating anything that is fermented?

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    Posted by Nicolereel at 03/09/17 10:55:52

    Hello friends, most of the vegans food increases the anxiety level. I had also experienced the anxiety problem when i started the vegan food. It was just 2 months that i had started vegan food and it greatly affected the anxiety level in my body. I contacted to my family doctor and got some tablets to get rid from the anxiety problem.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/09/17 17:22:30

    You can do it gradually. Your stomach is used to eating meat and so your stomach acids are hyper reactive for meat. Your stomach acids will calm down over time on a vegan diet, indeed a vegan diet is therapy for ulcers and acid reflux because it is an alkaline diet. PH balance is acquired.

    You need to eat starch or you will get diarrhea. You must also eat various colored veggies and fruits daily because the colors represent different minerals and vitamins.

    You need to take vegan plant based vitamin D3 and nutritional yeast and or synthetic sublingual B12 for your B supplement. These are the only necessary supplements on a vegan diet.

    Whatever discomfort you are suffering, it is nothing compared to what you have put animals through to make your food in the past.

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    Posted by alvarocotter at 01/15/18 11:17:53

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    Posted by itsmeagain at 01/16/18 07:34:13

    No wonder you`ve not logged in since about September, arielseamermaid.
    Really, the first thing an anxious person requires is empathy.
    I hope you are ok and that you feel good now.

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