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I am currently vego and wanting to
go vegan does anyone have Any tips on foods and supplements

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    Posted by captainvegetable at 02/02/11 12:06:03

    Hi,what kind of tips/information are you interested in? (Congrats on a great decision btw). You may want to take a look at a health study that is being done on my site in which 7 participants have switched from either a SAD or a vegetarian diet to a vegan one. They are in day 16 and have been blogging about their experiences from day one. They have tons of useful info on their and they are happy to answer any questions you might have about getting started and what has worked and hasnt worked for them. I hope that is a little helpful! Best wishes

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/29/17 22:34:07

    - Take B12 at least once a week, or get the B12 shot. Yes you need B12, this isn't pre-agricultural earth, where possibly people got B12 even from vegan diets because of soil quality at that time, but no, you cannot get B12 in 2017 from not washing your vegetables (not that you believe this, but I've seen it around the web).

    - I like using foods fortified with ALA or DHA, like Earth Balance, and when I ate more convenience foods, I used to eat a lot of Gardein Fishless Filets. You can also take a supplement occasionally, there are vegan DHA supplements at the store, they're kind of pricey, and supposedly you only REALLY need straight DHA during pregnancy, over 55 or with certain health should be able to process everything you need from flax seeds, hemp products, or walnuts from ALA under normal this an optional. I'd recommend it if you suffer from any mental illness, live a high stress lifestyle or drink a lot of alcohol, to take a DHA supplement occasionally. Not daily or anything. Flax, walnuts etc should be good enough for daily or every other day.

    - Aside from B12 and ALA/DHA there's really not much a balanced vegan has to take in terms of supplements. Like most people in the modern world (omni, veg, or vegan) you could opt to take a multi-vitamin that's on you. In the winter you might want to take Vitamin D if you live in a cloudy or cold climate, because if you consume dairy, you're likely used to your milk being fortified with D (yes that's a "fake" source of D too...I'm honestly appalled at how many people don't know milk isn't really a good source of vitamin D, that it's added in after the pasteurization process, the sun is the only natural good source of vitamin D)

    - When people first go vegan they're likely to eat a lot of processed foods in transition because it's easier, but I encourage you to eat more ethnic foods (Greek, Lebanese, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Ethiopian) so that you're still getting a lot of whole-foods based vegan dishes. Try to work beans and lentils into your diet, as well as nuts and seeds. As a vegetarian you may already know how to cook tofu recipes, but if not, learning new recipes is one of the best ways to stay moderate with the products.

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