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3 weeks ago I went vegan and quit caffeiene cold turkey. At forst I felt great but week 2 my head started to feel weird like medicine head and my vision was off too. Not really blurry but more like my eyes had trouble focusing. Not really motivated or energetic. I eat 2000 calories a day and take a multivitamin with b12. Is it some kind of mineral or vitimin deficiency? Electrolyte imbalancr? I did lose like 20 pounds in 3 weeks haha. I think a lot was bloating and water weight tho

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 04/18/16 18:50:09

    I'm guessing it's caffeine withdrawal. Also you did lose a lot of weight very quickly.

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    Posted by TiffanyTwiztid at 04/19/16 22:44:19

    Caffeine is a drug- quitting cold turkey can cause you to feel light headed & mess with your vision. I've done this myself, & felt the same way. keep in mind though, these are also signs of low blood sugar, so that may be the issue too. When in doubt, & you feel it may be an inadequate ammt of a mineral/vitamin, schedule an appointment with your doctor & have them do a blood test to see where your levels are.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 04/21/16 16:25:10

    I would say it has to do with the caffeine. I had a problem focusing also, but when I saw the doctor, they told me that my vision had changed (I use corrective lenses) for the better.

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    Posted by swissglobetrotter at 04/23/16 06:26:44

    You do not really need much to eat a vegan diet, even not caring about what you are eating (as long as you eat a bit of everything, obviously not only apples) you will always be better off than eating dead animals. If you eat normal and enough, with also additional vitamins than this is obviously not due to eating vegan. Likely do to caffeine as without any diet change this is exactly what people complain when leaving caffeine or tobacco. If you lost so much weight isn't it also that besides vegan you lowered your calories consumption? This could be a cause as well. Going cold turkey on everything at once is good, but just evaluate all points, veganism is definitely not the problem here. If you were eating much more than better not cut the food amounts too drastically

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    Posted by pcromwell at 04/23/16 13:56:40

    Sounds a bit like hypoglycemia especially if youre loosing that much weight! Pop some vegan jelly beans when you feel like that again and make sure you're eating enough throughout the day!

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