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hi. I'm a new vegan, it's been about 2 months. when I first went vegan i was really bloated and it sucked. after that my digestion was amazing and I had 2-3 bowel movements a day. for the last 2 weeks or so I've been kind of constipated. my stool is soft but they're tiny and hard to push out. i can also see what I ate like it didn't get digested. I eat enough, I drink lots of water, and I exercise pretty hard 5 days a week. I avoid processed foods and fatty foods, including oil. I have a lot of fiber in my diet, I think I might even be getting too much. I'm very fatigued and gassy. sometimes my lower back hurts and I get dizzy and nauseous. I'm very tired of it so I would really really appreciate some advice (:

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/15/16 05:14:55


    You're still new to the game. It takes time for one's body to adjust to any changes in life style, including diet.

    Are you getting adequate exercise? Exercise is just as important as what one eats.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 04/18/16 18:46:54

    I think you might need more fat in your diet. You sound dehydrated or like your diet is too low in fat. Try upping your water and non alcoholic liquid intake and at least adding avacado, coconut, seeds and nuts to your diet if you are oil-free. There is such a thing as too low fat.

    I also wonder if you are exercising too hard, or have a kidney infection because of back pain, dizziness and nausea.

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    Posted by bananabutt at 04/20/16 16:37:11

    hi thank you so much. I added some nuts to my breakfast today and a little warm water and went to the bathroom twice with no problems (: I have stomach aches probably because of bad food combinations, apple juice after cooked vegetables and pineapple after oats. thanks again (:

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    Posted by anahidscv at 04/21/16 16:01:55

    I recommend you see a doctor. There might be other problems, especially if your back is hurting.

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    Posted by bananabutt at 05/21/16 23:31:09

    wanted to leave an update. I'm much better now, I go to the restroom very often and my stomach and back never hurts anymore (:
    thanks for all the help

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