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I had severe neck pain for the last 3 weeks, i looked for different remedies but not a single remedy worked for my pain. One of my friend suggested me to get my neck massaged or to use any automatic massarger. I used a neck massarger and just in few minutes i got relaxed.
Guys sometimes some remedies doesn't work for our body so do you have some other solutions for the severe neck pain? If yes then please suggest few of them..
Thanks in advance.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/09/17 17:26:45

    Acupuncture and Medical Herbalogy. You can get both at a TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, practitioner's office. They are state licensed and usually accept insurance. I recommend Doctors that were educated at Shang Hai University for the best. You will have to visit them as many as 5 or 10 times. I prefer Western Herbalogy, but TCM can help too.

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    Posted by CharmaineCalhoon at 04/14/17 10:58:51

    I have heard about the hydrotherapy that helps in body pain relief. You can try it out if you fell that you need more relaxation.

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    Posted by KennethJohnson at 04/15/17 09:36:54

    Hi Nicolereel,
    Charmaine is right. Hydrotherapy is actually used for body pain relief. My mom was also suffering from the same problem last year, even after taking medicines she didn't got any relief in her pain. Many of the doctors suggested her to go for the hydrotherapy session. For surfing more about how to get relief from neck pain, I came across Independent Home through a magazine who provide walk in bathtubs which has hydrotherapy feature inbuilt in it. Its positive reviews made me install the tub so that my mom does not have to travel therapy centre with her pain. When she started using the hydrotherapy for her neck pain, she started feeling relief and has recovered from her pain in a couple of months. Just go through the source ( once, you will definitely get all your doubts cleared. Good luck!

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    Posted by nhealthnet at 11/20/17 10:41:08

    Neck pain can be caused by Pinched Nerve, Neck Arthritis, Muscle Tension, Meningitis and etc.

    Consultation with a doctor should be done by a neck pain patient if:

    - Pain can’t be relieved by using ordinary painkillers.
    - After a few days, the neck is still stiff or pain and doesn’t make any improvement.
    - Suspect that neck pain occurs due to a relatively serious condition.

    If you had neck pain after you sleeping, better you read this article

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