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I have had two extensive surgeries one on my face and one on my clavicle, I am looking to see if anyone knows of any natural remedies to break down scar tissue.

Please and thank you :)

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    Posted by Longdrive at 01/20/13 11:45:06


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    Posted by naturalskincarer at 02/14/13 01:28:56

    Scar reduction serum:

    2 tablespoons Almond oil (can also make a mix of Argan,and Wheatgerm oils. but I have said Almond oil here as its the easiest to find)

    1 teaspoon Rosehip oil (This oil is excellent for scars and stretch marks)

    4 drops Calendula oil

    4 drops Carrot seed oil

    3 drops Borage oil

    Blend together well by shaking in a glass bottle.

    Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

    Apply a few drops daily (or twice daily if you wish) to a clean face under moisturizer.

    This is a beautifully light blend but delivers lots of benefits deep into your skin's layers.

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    Posted by FullyAmber at 02/14/13 10:52:16

    I've heard that derma-roller or skin needling breaks up scar tissue. You can look it up on YouTube.

    You can try rubbing oils into the tissue a couple of times a day if it is a fresh scar and that can help. It's actually the rubbing that helps the most. Dr. Neil Schultz with DermTVdotcom on YouTube talks about scar formation and how to minimize scarring.

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    Posted by aiyanct at 11/11/13 04:42:34

    Thanks for sharing great info. Aloe vera and coconut oil also good and great natural remedy for scar tissues and skin problems irriatation.

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    Posted by deppig at 11/11/13 23:37:16

    You could try taking serrapeptase enzyme in high dosage. I had very good results for old surgical scars (4 years old).

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    Posted by loveispvh at 11/20/13 13:32:59

    I use 100% Rosehip oil
    Reduces surgical and trauma scars!

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    Posted by Helen Woodard at 10/20/14 13:48:31

    Apply coconut oil on it.
    This will reduce the scar, ultimately making it invisible.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/21/14 06:52:56


    Yes, aloe is a truly amazing plant. Probably one of the most important plants in the entire history of healing.

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    Posted by Helen Woodard at 10/28/14 18:33:13

    Aloe vera , allantoin, coconut oil

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    Posted by Andy.R at 11/20/14 21:26:35

    If the scar tissue is limiting motionit can sometimes be removed surgically and exercises done to allow the new healed skin to streach . Consult a doctor about that.

    Otherwise hot compresses may help

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