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Medical Maggot and Leech Therapy -- Invasion of the Eco-Friendly Body Suckers

I've been beginning to wonder if I'm the last person on the planet to catch up on medical
advances that have apparently been mainstream for quite a while now.

Did you know that medical practitioners has been using maggots (baby fly larvae) and leeches (creepy crawly relatives to earthworms) to treat wounds ever since 1000 B.C.?

More surprisingly, both critters are being used in medical facilities near you to treat a wide range of ailments, proving as is often the case that Mother Nature seems to always do things just a little bit better than complicated medical technology.

Please read the article, check out the videos and then share your perspective on whether you could submit yourself to this type of treatment or not.

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    Posted by Jeffrey at 09/08/09 19:38:58

    I can handle the leeches, but there's something about maggots that just make me wanna hurl. A maggot's job is to help something decompose. Putting them on your body seems wrong to me!

    elizahleigh, I noticed you just signed up for happycow to promote your site (no reviews, no restaurants, no nuttin')
    How about reviewing a restaurant or two if you're just trying to get traffic to your site.

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    Posted by elizahleigh at 09/15/09 14:36:59

    Actually, it's not my site...just one of many places that I write online. I would be happy to write about more veggie-related topics -- I've been trying to post topics on Happy Cow that might appeal to vegetarians, but I'll choose more selectively in the future. By the way, like you, I am fascinated and revolted by leech and maggot therapy. Since I had never heard about it before the article I posted, I just thought I'd spread the word.

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