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I'm a newbie here at Happy Cow. Ive been on a strict diet since two weeks. Only on a fruit and raw vegetable diet. i eat oranges, apples and bananas for lunch and dinner. I just have a cup of tea in the mornings. I feel really light but am i doing the right thing to cut belly fat and get lean muscle?

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 02/23/11 20:28:34

    Keep your head down Rodney.

    Maybe cleverly disguise the fruit as kebabs / something else whilst you are eating.

    Being a Ray-Ban-ed Christian Fruitarian in Karachi is asking for trouble.

    Drink a lot of water - slightly dirty water is good.

    Make sure that you are never full of sh!t.

    Reduce the number of bananas that you eat if your bowel movements become infrequent.

    Are you a covert CIA operative? -

    (Tip: Don't answer that type of question in Pakistan - answering it here is OK).

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    Posted by Rodney at 02/24/11 04:58:42

    Dude i respect your sense of humor. By the way i'm exporting vehicles from Japan to Hong Kong. Maybe you can help me with that too. Whats you contact number? Will give you a buzz tommorrow.

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    Posted by Rodney at 02/24/11 09:24:46

    Thanks for all the advice but i didnt understand this part "slightly dirty water is good" whats up with this?

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 02/25/11 03:14:32

    I was regularly in Karachi in the 80's - the slightly dirty water there really helped me to stay slim!

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    Posted by Rodney at 02/25/11 03:54:25

    Dude where and why did you drink dirty water. Everyone has filters in their houses man. Did you purposely drink dirty water?

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    Posted by AndyT at 03/07/11 06:33:52

    OK, maybe I can't help with exporting cars to Hongkong, but what I would suggest is to read Dr. Doug Graham's book '80/10/10 diet'.

    To be very honest - I would be cautious that you are getting all your required vitamins and nutrients if you only eating oranges, apples and bananas and tea. That is not exactly what could be called a 'varied' diet.

    I would especially try to include leafy green vegetables into your diet, in order to get iron etc. (e.g. look at and ) .

    Best regards,

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    Posted by healthways001 at 09/02/11 00:52:45

    Ok. i can use it and i will use it in my regular life for further use.

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    Posted by jack22 at 06/20/12 01:37:29

    The raw food weight loss program is in line with the belief the most healthful food for that is uncooked. Although most meals are eaten raw, heating meals are acceptable so long as the temperature stays below 104 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

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