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So, I am 2 months into vegetarianism, and while I havent cut out eggs or fish, I have been trying to cook meals without them, so I can really learn a new lifestyle. Tbh, I don't miss meat nearly as much as I thought I would however, I am SO painfully bloated 24/7. I have never felt this awful before and it honestly scares me. I actually look pregnant. I feel like I have a beach ball in my stomach. It actually makes working out difficult because I feel like I can't bend over! I know that it was to be expected at first, but it this normal 2 months in?? I have tried many at home rememdies including ginger tea, tons of water, digestive enzymes, not eating beans and cauliflower etc and have has no relief. Can anyone give me advice or let me know if this is normal or not? It's starting to feel like I just created a huge issue for myself, but I think of the animals and don't want to go back.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 02/28/18 14:48:43

    CeceK--great question. And it helps me with my diet also. I've been having gut problems lately. This is common for people transitioning from carnivore diet to vegetarian & vegan diet. You are basically cleaning out years of being on a carnivore meat eating diet with all the buildup of pesticides, GMO, antibiotics, etc. in your body.

    You most likely are lacking enough healthy gut bacteria (probiotics). Go to health food store, & get Garden of Life Extra Strength Probiotics or a similar brand. You also need to eat potatoes, banana's, onions, leeks, chicory, & wheat bran. These are prebiotics that will help your digestive system. Also, try to eat smaller meals, chew food, don't suck in a lot of air when you are eating, & drink plenty of water (as you indicated you are doing).

    From what I've read & know, you should see bloating go down if you try these things. It's going to take several weeks to a few months. Once you get to that point of reduced bloating, try doing a whole body cleanse. Once you do that, you will really get the old accumulated stuff out of your body, & be juiced up with more natural energy on your planet based diet.

    Thanks for thinking of the animals & kudos to you for choosing a healthier, earth sustainable, animal compassionate, vegetarian diet & lifestyle. It's truly worth it, and you will see that it's more than just food--it's a way of life that will enrich you physically, mentally, & spiritually. I chose it many years ago, & never looked back. Happy veggie trails to you.

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