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Details: So being vegan is really a great building block for long term health. But as we always hear, diet is no substitute for exercise. So I'd like to start an thread asking about what you do for exercise, and if you are among those who don't exercise, for people to chime in as to what you can do to start healthily.

I do a lot of hiking. I am able to do miles with elevation gain/ inclines relatively well despite a recent lapse of exercise. I also love top play bball and soccer, but I haven't played these in a while since you need to organize others more for those to play.

I have friends who have a hard time to go on hikes since they are out of shape. The hikes really hurt on their inclines, whereas I can sing while going through it. Does anyone have any suggestions for those who have a hard time getting in shape? I feel fortunate I have never had bronchial issues, so asthmatics who have overcome their issue to get in shape are more than welcome to chime in.

Aiming for well-rounded health...

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    Posted by gwenstefni at 11/12/08 10:39:23

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    Posted by HM at 11/15/08 09:30:00

    I cannot say I always exercise enough.
    I don't actually "exercise".
    I'm super active though.
    I go dancing with friends at least 2-3 times a week, and yes, I actually get out there and dance, glisten, and drink a LOT of water.
    I also bike now, though my bike was stolen and the replacement I bought needs repairs to ride properly.
    I walk, and am a part of a group that does activism in town, so any rally/protest/walk for animals (such as the upcoming FFF) is a good activity not just for the resistance but also for the body. I'm also part of the radical cheerleaders, and yes, we kick ass to the point of feeling it after performing.
    I like physical activity, I just find exercise boring. So something that actually does something like the above mentioned and many other things is what I do.
    Note: 75% of your caloric burn is from simply keeping your body ALIVE.
    THIS MEANS: if you have an active life style, the more you burn during physical exercise/activity, the more you burn while sitting/sleeping.
    This is a fact.
    The less you do, the less you burn, the more you retain, the less likely you will find the energy to get out there and do something... and around in circles you go.
    good luck:

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    Posted by AppleC at 11/16/08 14:55:47

    I am very energetic. To the point where sometimes I really would like to relax but can't. So I start my day early trying to wear myself out and from M-F it goes something like this: Up at 3:50Am. In the gym (in our home) by 4:10AM. Do at least 30-45 min. aerobics (mostly running). Follow aerobics with 30-40 min. weight training. Follow weight training with a 30-40 min. walk or jog or run or combination of all with our dog, Shane, a GSD.
    I love the weekend. Sat. Shane and I go for a run outside, between 6 -8 miles. Sun. we go for a walk,4-6 miles and my husband comes with us.

    For people who have a difficult time with exercise, they need to find somethin they CAN do for 30 minutes. It's a start. Typically if someone has never exercised, they will see some results fairly quickly. That in itself provides the motivation. But they can' just exercise without changing their diet. Their diet might be the reason they tire quickly in the first place. So.... in response to those hiking beginners, do something easy, check their diet and work into it gradually.
    Most pressure - have fun.

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    Posted by meenakshijsr at 09/06/10 22:42:46

    Yoga prefers vegetarian diet. But avoid spicy and hot diet as much as possible.People who practice Yoga therapy
    on a daily basis lead a longer and healthier life. It is interesting to note that all the poses and exercises in yoga are strictly based on the energetic flow of human body and thinking that yoga has no scientific basis is useless.

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    Posted by truffle at 11/17/10 15:31:23

    I don't really "excercise" i.e. go to the gym or jog. What I do to make up for it is I use the stairs at work, I don't use the elevator. I work on the 4th floor so it's a number of steps.

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    Posted by Heidi B. at 11/24/10 19:48:43

    I walk and also Nordic walk - that's what works for me. Apart from my regular job, I also help my husband with his music business plus I am busy improving and maintaining my travel website. When I'm at work, I do my best to get out for a walk at noon hour. After work and on weekends, I go Nordic walking for anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour.
    I'm very excited about Nordic walking - it doesn't require a huge investment or a gym membership. The workout encompasses cardio, upper body and lower body and it works the core muscles. It can be done year round, plus you're outdoors and it's super convenient...just grab your poles and go...can't beat it!

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    Posted by NotBuyingIt! at 04/30/11 09:29:07

    I had severe asthma from ages 5 to 15. I had mild asthma from 15 to 19. At 19 I went vegan. I then became very active due to an energy boost. I never did actual exercise but, was always on the go. I walked a lot and went out dancing all night almost every night. I used to be fit as a fiddle even though I had asthma. At that point I never had asthma symptoms - I even forgot that I had asthma or an inhaler. It was easy. Over the past five years I have not been so active and my asthma has made a huge comeback. For the past 6 months I have been at an acute level and barely able to make it out of bed! When I was in the hospital a physical therapist came around to make sure that patients did simple leg and arm movements. I could barely do that! I am going to a TCM doctor who told me that what I could do to strengthen my lungs is turn on some music and sing! I wish I could get out the house to do Yoga but, it is that bad:( It really depends on your condition, so everyone is different.

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    Posted by momof21990 at 05/02/11 20:44:41

    I walk a lot I have lost lots of weight by just walking I have the a lot of walk in home DVDs as well so if it rains or is cold I don't have to get sick!!

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    Posted by Michealleo at 08/18/11 19:54:23

    Yes i really believe on it that food and exercise has co relation .For example , if we u have a good diet plan and u are not doing any exercise then u can't achieve ur goal.

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    Posted by jackalan996 at 03/14/12 02:45:48

    Nutrition and exercise have a strong relation with each other.
    Nutrition fulfill the body energy and help in grow of health body.
    human tissues and cell need vitamins and minerals which we are get from foods items.
    Exercise is the best way to build strong and attractive body. Exercise help burn fat and reduce the extra weight.
    it build stamina and keep active all the day.

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