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Hey! I am interested in switching over to natural / organic diet as my doctor says that I should as soon as I can. I am looking for affordable natural or organic food to cure myself as I do not have too much money. Someone please help me out! Thanks!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 11/13/07 13:07:31


    If you want organic and are on a budget, you may find it helpful to start with the \"worst\" foods. There was a lot of research done on produce and which foods found the biggest difference (lower pesticides, etc) by switching to organic. They found 12 foods, The Dirty Dozen, that by switching to organic you will reduce your pesticide exposure by almost 90%.

    These foods are:
    bell peppers
    imported grapes

    So you might want to start by switching these foods to organic first and working on the others as you find good resources or have more money. Good luck ^_^

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    Posted by Hannah at 11/14/07 13:03:44

    Organic food is not so costly anyway. But to cater for your budgetary needs you may like to visit and I am sure you will reach a page you have been looking for. Cheers!!

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